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Maria asks…

I hear these are quite popular, so…Baby Name Game anyone?

1. Your first baby, and your pregnany goes well. You decide to keep the gender a secret and when they’re born it’s a bouncing baby boy! The doctirs examine him and declare that he is having issues breathing and needs to be hooked to machines. But he pulls through, and he grows into a lovely man with curly red hair and light green eyes. As a teenager he takes up the guitar and begins studying music.

2. You second pregnancy doesn’t go aswell as your first, most likely because there are three in there rather than one. That’s right, triplet, identical ladies! The three are all blessed with strawberry blonde curls, and hazel eyes. And although they look the same, the three are all completley different. One is bouncy and fun, and grows to have a love for the arts. The second is calm, and cuddly and grows into a full blown soccer player. And then your youngest trip. is a bit of a handful, and needs extra attention. When she’s a teenager she becomes studious, and is later elected the senior class president. What names belong to this clan?

3. It’s been almost nine years since your baby boy, and six since the girls. Now, like any child, they want a puppy. It’s almost December 29, which is your son’s birthday. You decide to make the pup his birthday present. He asks you to name it for him. What do you name it?

4. Now your son is fifteen and your girls, are twelve years old, and you need another baby around the house. After several tries, you finally conceive and find out your having a baby boy! Yay! Another boy! This boy’s a little different in feature from the others. He’s born with light brown hair and blue eyes. He’s a total doll, and he loves to spend time with his sisters. As a toddler he plays with one toy, and one toy only. His blocks. What’s your little man’s name?

5. You’ve decided your done. The girls are in their teens, and teen girls are expensive and alot to handle, and your eldest is about to go off to college. BUT, your fifteen year old neice calls you up one night crying, she tells you that she’s pregnant and doesn’t know what to do. She’s worried about adoption and she can’t do an abortion. And she hasn’t told her parents. After some begging on her part, you give in and nine months later your blessed with your neices twins. A boy and a girl. Both are alot alike. They both love adventure and to play rough. The girl has rosey cheeks, wispy light blonde hair and blue eyes, and the boy has a dark blonde head, and blue eyes as well. What are their names?

6. Now several years later a problem has arisen in a third world country where adults are contracting diseases and suddenly dying. Your husband is a pediatrician who has spent a year out there and comes home with a baby boy, although frustrated with him, you can’t help but to fall in love with his bright green eyes, fuzzy black head, and beautiful olive skin. What’s his name?

Enjoy. I’ll post mine. I’m such a sucker for these.
1. Elliot Theodore
Camille Aurelia – Soccer – Cammie
Genevieve Analeigh – Artsy – Gennie
Elizabella Saoirse – Sudious – Bess
3. Roxanna – Female Basset
4. Saul Alexander
5. Mila Athalie & Cecil Dorian
6. Felix Julian

The Expert answers:

1. Ryan Matthew.
2. Ruby Danika, Teagan Marie & Abigail Elisabeth.
3. Coco.
4. Logan Alexander.
5. Lilly Rose + Lucas Reo.
6. Mowgli Knox.

Lisa asks…

Do you want to play my Baby Name Game.?

You and your boyfriend ___________ want a baby, but both decide to wait till after the wedding.
What kind of wedding do you have, and where is it located? After the wedding you take a honeymoon at a romantic getaway island. What island do you pick? Once you and your husband have the romantic honeymoon getaway that you both needed, you find out that you are pregnant with two beautiful baby girls. What do you name them, what do they look like, and what do their rooms look like.

Four and a half months into your pregnancy you find a new house to live in once you realize that your 2 bedroom apartment wont be enough living space. Describe the house in detail. You cant do much moving so you call in a moving crew and some of your husbands friends to help you move all your new baby furniture, and your old furniture. You decide on which room the girls will have when you bring them home.

When the twins are 5 you and your husband miss having a baby around so you decide to have another baby. It’s a baby boy! What do you name him, what does he look like, and what does his room look like? When your twins are 7 and your son is 2 you find out that your mother has cancer and will have to go through radiation. You decide to go stay with your parents to help out. Do you bring anyone with you or go alone.? After radiation you find out that your mom will be okay so you stay their for a little while longer just in case, and when you feel okay going home you go back to your house.

When the girls are 12 and your son is 7 you find out your pregnant again. This time you have quadruplets. Three girls and a boy! What do you name them, what do they look like, what do their rooms look like, and do they get their own room?

When the quads are 5, your son is 12, and the twins girls are 17 you decide to go on a family vacation. You want to go somewhere everyone in the family would enjoy. The girls think it should be somewhere they could bring a few friends or there boyfriends, while your son thinks it should be to Disney World. You need to make a compromise. Where do you go?

For the girls eighteenth birthday you decide to get the girls new matching cars. What kind of car do you get them and what color is it? Your sons birthday is coming up and being a teenager you decide to get him a phone, what kind of phone do you get him, and what wireless phone company is it through. For the quads you get them each something different. What do you get them?

After a few years without a baby in the house you decide to have another baby or adopt. Which do you choose. You decide to use your friends name or middle name your choice. What is the babies gender and name?

I have to end it cause I am falling asleep and Its already really long.
I realize its long. Its about 4:30 in the a.m so i got times on my hands to blow. I also type pretty quick to so it did not take to long. You don’t have to answer it all you can just do how ever much of it you feel like. (Best answer = lots of details and some pictures) Thanks for answering.

The Expert answers:

EDIT: I have the time. And aw, you spent all this time writing it for like one person (me) to do it. But it was fun so 🙂

Okay 🙂 I’m 14 so this is all fantasy.

My boyfriend Andy (actually celeb crush, but whatever) get married in a traditional white wedding in a church right here in Australia, so we don’t need to fly many people over.
We honeymoon in a Mediterranean Island, don’t know which. I give birth to two daughters, Isabella and Heidi (not sure about the name Heidi, but for the purpose of the game…) Isabella has brown hair and Heidi light brown. They both have blue eyes.

They share a nursery (back in Aust of course) that is very pink but the walls are neutral so we don’t have to repaint when they outgrow pink XD

I buy a new house with two storeys and a basement which I will turn into some sort of room. It will have room in the yard for a dog and for the girls to play. It will have 4 bedrooms, have large glass walls outlooking the garden, it’ll be really open.

The girls will have rooms next to each other, pretty close to mine and Andy’s room, which has an ensuite bathroom and walkin wardrobe.

The son is called Jacob (unsure – and I know Isabella and Jacob are all Twilighty so I probably won’t call my kids that, but it’s a COINCIDENCE!) and has big blue eyes and white blonde hair which will turn light brown when he’s older (like Andy’s).

I live close to Mum, so taking anyone will be unnecessary.

Quadruplets? WHOAA! I have 2 girls and 2 boys, called…let’s see… Paris, Declan James (DJ), Kayla and Tyler (just brainstorming names I like). They have blue or brown eyes, and brown or blonde hair. They all sleep in one room when they’re babies but we’ll need to move out.

17yr olds aren’t too old for Disneyworld! Let’s go to Disneyworld in France, then the girls will like it too. And Paris..heh..heh…

The cars are yellow and red (one each) small, round cars that they like. I don’t know about the phone.
Paris: Barbies
Kayla: Barbies
For both girls: Barbie dream house
DJ: little car thing he can ride in
Tyler: animal figurines

ANOTHER BABY! We are crazy. It’s a girl again, called Grace or Alisha.

Fun game, hehe.

Chris asks…

Baby Name Game! Celebrity Style :)?

Mom: professional actress. Has been in countless movies, only a handful were successful with the critics AND the people. She kept her maiden name.

Dad: he owns a software company called Smac (hahaha!) He’s a huge workaholic and never really spends time with his family.

Daughter 1: she’s 23, a total brat and a slut (she’s lost count of how many guys she’s slept with). She spends as much money as she can and is constantly in gossip rags about scandals. She is biologically related to her parents.

Son: he’s 27, lazy and refuses to get a job. He also spends alot of money, mostly on his girlfriend. He had two kids (boy, 7, and girl, 3) with his girlfriend (be sure to name the kids!!) He’s ruggedly handsome and loves to be in the spotlight. He was adopted at the age of 5.

Girlfriend: she’s 26 and is pretty normal, compared to the rest of the family. She’s been with (Son) since junior year in high school. She’s really pretty, smart, dearly loves her kids and tries to keep them out of the public’s constant view, and really wants to marry (Son). The only thing she likes about living the famous life is the fashion part.

Son’s Son: He’s very adventurous and brave, and he loves the outdoors. He’s kind of spoiled (thanks to grandma and grandpa) and loves his parents… and seeing himself in magazines occasionally. He’s been offered a small role in a movie.

Son’s Daughter: She’s very fashion conscience, thanks to 23 year old Auntie and mommy. She is a perfect angel to her parents and to everyone, but has a terrible temper (that’s rarely ever sparked.) Her favorite aunt is (Daughter 2)

Daughter 2: she is 14, and is the only one (besides Girlfriend) who manages a good reputation. She has a spot on a TV as the best friend of the main character. She was adopted at the age of 9.

Daughter 3: she’s 15. She, like her biological older sister, is a slut. She used to perform alongside her sister on the TV show… but was fired once she found out she was pregnant. Her boyfriend is 17.

Boyfriend: He’s 17 and is excited for his new child, unlike Daughter 3. He’s in a band, thats not well
known, enjoying his role as lead guitarist. He has AMAZING abs!!

BQ: List three names for each gender that Daughter 3 and her Boyfriend are considering for the unborn baby.

Have fun!

The Expert answers:

Mom: Scarlett Rose Holden
Dad: Branden Micheal Holden
D 1: Madison Brooklyn Holden
S 1: Skylar Micheal Holden
GF: Rylie Noelle Acres
SS: Cruz Jasper Holden
SD: Sofia Izabelle Holden
D 2: Emily Grace Holden
D 3: MacKenzie Rose Holden
BF: Kyle Mitchell Pierce
Baby: Kylie Mae or Asher Wilder Holden

Robert asks…

Baby name game for girls only! I hope that you have fun?

1. You are a 15 year old teenager and your boyfriend Henry (surname) is pushing you into sleeping with him

2. You finally agree when things get really bad at home with your stepmother (female name) Braidy (You are 15)

3. 9 months later you have your baby boy, Liam (male name) Braidy. (You are 16)

4. Henry, Liam, and you are living together. Henry and you both go to the local community college while Liam stays with either Henry’s mother (female name) or your half sister Maria Braidy babysits. (You are 17)

5. Since your finally 18, your married to Henry, Liam is three and you are working as a receptionist. So you decide Liam needs a sibling, you decide on the names (female names) and (male names)

6. You have another boy and since you can never make up your mind 5 months into your second pregnancy you and Henry both decide on the name Jacob (male middle name) (You are 20)

7. When Liam is 6 1/2 and in elementary school and Jacob is 3 and in preschool, you and Henry have your third and final child a daughter who you decide to name Meena (female name) (You are 23)

8. You are 24, Liam is 8, Jacob is 5, and Meena is 2 and suddenly you and Henry are fighting about the kid’s schools, how to handle the kids, and (another thing to fight about)

9. By the time your 25 you and Henry are living in sepreate houses and the kids live with you full time except for (2 days of the week)

10. Maria, your half sister, calls you up on one of the nights Henry has the kids and tells you to meet her at (restaurant name) in half an hour. (You are 26)

11. You get all dressed up thinking you are going for drinks but instead you find (male name) Zucker. (You are 26)

12. A week after you and Zucker get engaged you find out he has a daughter, named Emma (age) (You are 28)

13. (Year, month, days) after your married and known as Mrs. Zucker, Emma’s mother dies in a car accident so Emma comes to live with her father, your kids and you. (You are 31)

14. You are so sad for Emma and try to be a great mother to her but she just pushes you away and that makes you very upset until you find out your pregnant with (single, twins, triplets) (You are 33)

15. With newborns on the way, Emma finally starts being nice to you and you let her name one of them, she names the boy (male name) Daniel. (You are 35)

The Expert answers:

1. Scott
2. Helen
3. Liam Elliott
4. Laura
5. Lacey and Luke
6. Jacob Lachlan
7. Meena Charlina
8. Money
9. Thursday and Friday
10. Fasta Pasta
11. Will
12. 4
13. 1 year, 2 months, 11 days
14. Triplets – Lacey Isabelle, Angelina Rose and…
15. Matthew Daniel

Star for you, this question was awesome!

Sandy asks…

Baby Name Game! Hope you enjoy!?

When you were in high school you became pregnant with your boyfriend you’ve been dating for a year. When your son is born you and your boyfriend struggle to raise him so he leaves you when your child turns 4. Now he is 17, what’s his name?

When your boyfriend leaves you, you are heartbroken and pour out all your problems to your closest friend’s brother, after two years of dating him, you become pregnant with triplets, but he leaves you because his sister disowns him and falls out with him, your triplets are now 11. What are their names?

After your ex leaving you, you go through depression, not wanting to live, foolishly you go out to find a man to comfort you, but you know its ends up in a one night stand and become pregnant with a little girl, she is now 5 what is her name?

Finally you decide there is no time to waste your life like this with your irresponsible partners, you find a steady job earn enough money and build your business you now own a hairdressing school. After your promotion your childhood best friend calls you and wants to meet up, instantly you both feel the chemistry, you marry 2 years later and have one last child who is now 3, what is her name? You are still happily married with your 6 beautiful children.

First and middle names please?

So what did you think of this game and the story line?

It’s the first one I’ve made. If you don’t like these kind of questions just pass on.

Thanks 😉
Sorry guys for making it depressing, I just wanted it to be different from the others I have answered. On my next one I will try and make it more happy.

נσιи gℓєє ¢ℓυв <3: Thanks for your comment, I actually am writing a story, so your comment really meant a lot to me 🙂;_ylt=Ah_8S_XWAP1U8ZKIjidvw.QgBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20100611131454AAyz4zw

Hey, for those who found this one depressing, I made an improved one. Answer please 🙂
It’s the link above, the previous message

The Expert answers:

Oooo! Fun! OKay here I go 🙂
I’m gonna make up last names too!

1) Cole Francis Joseph Smith

2) Linsey Elaine Siobhan Johnson, Lexie Carmel Michele Johnson and Leslie Hannah Claire Johnson

3) Savannah Mallory Rose Williams

4) Sophie Victoria Kathleen Jones

awww…a fairytale ending!

This was really cute, sad but cute in the end! You did a really great job! Have you ever considered being a writer? Great job on your first one! 🙂

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