Your Questions About Baby Care

Mark asks…

Discuss public opinion polls, including how they are conducted and interpreted, and what some potential?

The Expert answers:

It is a good poll.

Maria asks…

How do I stop being envious and jealous over everything and everyone?

The Expert answers:

Start going out and having fun. Stop knowing what your ex is doing. Crying and getting upset isn’t going to let you have your own experience in life. Being upset is only going to turn people off. Be positive with yourself and get out there and LIVE! 🙂

John asks…

how much does a guinea pig and all the accesories cost without the cage?

The Expert answers:

Guinea pig: $15/20
Food: $18
Toys: $10
Bedding: $12
Those are only average costs, but I think they are fairly accurate. I’m British and have had many guinea pigs, and when I converted the pounds, that is the dollar amounts it came out at. Hope that helped a bit! 🙂

Sharon asks…

Does vaginal discharge thicken and leak more as you get closer to your period?

The Expert answers:

Yeah you probably will. You are supposed to start getting discharge about 2 years before your period but not always. There is a website called girls life that handles all of your questions and lets you Chat with other kids that are your age! Also, if yourdischargee is heavy, then you might want to start wearing pantyliners .

Thomas asks…

What is a good song about having a one night thing with someone and now they ignore you?

The Expert answers:

The only thing that slightly stuck to me was: I don’t love you by my chemical romance.

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