Your Questions About Baby Care

Robert asks…

What’s working with babies at a day care center like?

I applied for this company called Tots Unlimited (in AZ) and I’m planning on working with babies so that I get the idea about how to care for babies. I think it will be good for me. 🙂

The Expert answers:

It is very busy, in the infant room where i worked all the babies were on a different schedule so as soon as 1 fell asleep 1 was waking up, there’s not really any break because you usually have 4 babies to 1 teacher. We had 8 babies to 2 teachers. It is very fun i definitely would work in the child care setting again but only in infant todds or twos.

Helen asks…

i want best day care centre for my baby in south delhi?

i need good homely, proffesional day care centre for my 5 month baby. i live in Lajpat Nagar. is there any good creche near by?

The Expert answers:


Green Home Play School and Day Care Center
Vasant Kunj
Delhi -110070
Landmark: Near Parnami Orthopedic Hospital
Phone: 011-26133301

Richard asks…

Reputation Chinese Baby Care Centre (坐月子公司)?

Please recommend some reputation Chinese Baby Care Centre (坐月子公司) in Vancouver? Which provide the health care service for both mother and baby. Many thanks!

The Expert answers:

No idea!

We can’t see your Chinese writing honey.

Lisa asks…

Infant day care center in metropolitan areas. How much it costs?

Does anybody send their baby to infant day care center? I was wondering how much it costs monthly to take care for an infant for about 8 hours a day in metropolitan areas of NJ or NYC. Does anybody have any ideas or have something that can recommend? Websites would be greatly appreciated!

The Expert answers:

It is truly expensive. If you live in new york and do not have a lot of money, you should call 311. They can give you information on how to apply for assistance with child care.

David asks…

How to get 9 month old baby to sleep in child care centre?

My 9 month old daughter is a great sleeper at home. She has two sleeps a day for about 2 hours at a time. She sleeps approx. 12 hours during the night. When she’s at child care she just won’t sleep despite the child care workers following the routine she has at home. Does anyone know of a technique I can ask the child care workers to try to help her sleep at child care? Did your baby experience this and was your baby eventually able to sleep in child care?

The Expert answers:

Your daughter sleeps 2 hour at a day time and 12 hours during night that makes 14 hours. I think this is enough sleep for a baby. Do not force him to sleep.

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