Your Questions About Baby Care

Ken asks…

Games similar to the baby borrowers?

I Played Sims . Baby Dow and Alter Ago ! i just want a virtual baby care game.. with decetn graphics! and the possibility to have a family ( Dad, Mom (me) , and kids .

The Expert answers:

Club penguin….that site is SO messed up lmao.

William asks…

where can i find baby games because i love to take care of baby’s and i want to know so if u know please tell

i love to take care of baby‘s but i am the baby at my house because thats what people call me.

The Expert answers:

You can find games like the nanny and the babysitter and stuff like that at

Sandy asks…

free online virtual taking care of baby games!?

Anything but kindergarden and baby luv! Nothing retarded like that! PLEASE!

The Expert answers:

Feeding Games

Steven asks…

Are there any virtual baby games where u take care of and give bathes and name?

I have nintendogs and horsez2 but i want an online game

The Expert answers:

Baby games…Not that I know of. But if you enjoy that then you may enjoy Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS. Pretty awesome game when i have nothing else to do. You feed, train, bathe, walk, and do everything on a dog that you would normally do. YOu can also take them to competitions teach them tricks, and even give them voice commands. Great game, I think you would like it if you’re into those kinds of games. Best one i’ve played, other than Sims, but thats a different story.

Mary asks…

Are there any games that i can virtually take care of a baby online?

I really would like to virtually take care of a baby online. But i have already tried nannymania and carrie the caregiver and carrie the caregiver Australie and they are not what i am looking for. I dont want a game where i am a nanny. And only games that are free.

The Expert answers:

Chazycares is wrong about the Sims games, but there is a game on the Discovery Health Channel website that recently came out.

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