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David asks…

What are some really good baby shower games?

I am planning a baby shower for my sister that will take place in about 12 hours. Can we think of some really good games?

The Expert answers:

If someone says the name baby you take a clothes pin or a necklace with a baby symbol or something on it away from the person who said this game is just not saying baby at all and the person with the most necklaces or pins wins and gets a prize…

Fill a bottle with candy or little toys or such that you can get from the dollar store and give everyone a piece of paper and ask people how many items are in the bottle and previously knowing the # you see who was the closest and they win…ya okay

and then theres this game where everyone has a piece of paper with the babies soon to be name on it and they see how many words they can get out of the babies name… Okay well i hope that helps i know they are kinda lame but i thought they were somewhat fun..

Steven asks…

What are your favorite baby shower games?

We are planning a baby shower and are wondering what games people played at their baby showers?

The Expert answers:

Here are a few that I have enjoyed over the years.

Baby Bottle Drink off is fun and harder than you think.

Baby Animal Game – match up Baby Animal names with adult animal names. Http://

Baby Shower Bingo is always fun and all ages can play.

Rubber Ducky race with a kids pool or baby bath. Http://

Baby Food Feeding Races for teams or couples

Baby Outburst or Baby Jeopardy – Fun games but set for a baby shower

What’s in the dirty Diaper Game – Candy bars & diapers

And a full list of 50 baby shower games.

Good luck.

Lisa asks…

What are some good baby shower games to play?

I’ve been to 3 baby showers within the month and they all played the same word scramble games etc…..I want to do something unique or different for my games. Any ideas or websites with free info?

The Expert answers:

Http:// alot of baby games.

Do one where if you say the word baby, the first person to catch you gets a toothpick from you. Set a time when the game will stop and the person with the most tooth pick wins.

You can do the scrabble gave with the childs name.

See who can spell the childs name the right way first.

6. Guess who
Instruct guests to bring a baby photo of themselves to the shower. Place all photos in a focal point, such as the coffee table, and have guests try to match each baby photo to the guest they belong to. The winner is the person with most correct guesses.

8. I’m going on a trip/I’m going to the delivery room
An old favorite game played on long bus rides. Play the baby version by having a guest (or yourself) start out by saying something along the lines of “I’m taking baby on a trip…” or “I’m going to the delivery room” and I’m bringing…then name a baby item (or a regular item if you find naming all baby items too difficult) that starts with A, like applesauce. The next person would repeat what the first person said, and add a B item “I’m taking baby on a trip and I’m bringing applesauce and a bib…”. If a guest finds they cannot remember all the previous items, or cannot think of one for their letter, they are out of the game. This gets VERY difficult the further into the alphabet you get! Award a prize to the last person still in the game.

1. Pin the diaper on the baby –
using a large posterboard and a magic marker, draw a large picture of a baby. On a separate piece of paper, draw and cut out a picture of a diaper (or bottle, pacifier, rattle, etc) and stick double sided tape on the back. Blindfold your guests and have them try to stick the bottle on the baby’s bottom. The person closest to the intended target wins.

2. Pin the diaper on the baby boy –
This is a gag game, so make sure mom-to-be is in a mood to be messed with before attempting. Set the game up the same as above, only this time ask mother-to-be (or daddy-to-be or anyone else you’d like to play a joke on) to go first. After putting on the blindfold, have someone sneak up on mom and spray her with a small water gun, to prepare her for the “surprises” we get when changing a baby boy’s diaper!

11. Baby hot potato
Played the same as the traditional hot potato game, only using a baby doll or stuffed animal as the potato. Start a timer and have guests pass the baby around the circle, and whomever is holding the baby when the timer sounds is out. Last person in the game wins.
Variation – instead of having the person holding the baby be out of the game, make them give a bit of advice, or tell a special memory about the parents-to-be

16. Don’t drop baby (water balloon toss)
Definitely best as an outdoor game. Fill up water balloons (several for each guest) and have each guest pick a partner (great for couples parties). Partners take turns tossing the water balloons back and forth trying not to drop them. Prize awarded to the couple who goes longest without dropping all their babies.

32. Bobbing for pacis
Fill a large container with water or substance such as pudding or oatmeal. Place several pacifiers inside the water/mixture and without using their hands, have guests try to retrieve as many as possible with their mouths.

Sandra asks…

Any ideas for original baby shower games and favors?

My friend and I are throwing a baby shower and we don’t want to play the same baby shower games we have played at every other shower. Also, we would like to do something original for the favors as well. We only have a week until the shower and we need help! Any suggestions?

The Expert answers:


Helen asks…

What are good baby showers games for a group of 30 people held at a restaurant?

I would like unique baby shower games that don’t cost too much to organize but still fun and can be played at a restuarant that won’t disturb the other customers.

The Expert answers:

Pat S-

I recommend looking on this website:

They have lots of fun and unique games on their site. My mom used them for my shower and I used them for my sisters shower and both times they were a great success. These will work out great for your budget since it is the same price for their games regardless of how many guests you have. I hope this helps you have a fabulous shower!

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