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Susan asks…

Baby furniture from JC Penny – any reviews?

I have ordered what I want for baby furniture from JC Penny but may have a glitch – bringing the set back to Canada, mainly the crib. First of all, any Canadian moms buy a crib across the border and have any issues getting it into Canada?? Also, anyone in general who has purchased furniture, how have you found it? Good quality? Easy set up? Safe?? Health Canada made it sound like American moms are reckless yokels who put their babies at risk by purchasing substandard equipment. I informed her recalls have taken place in the USA AND Canada and were primarily on the drop side crib (which mine is not). Still she tried to make me feel like the worst mom to be for purchasing a crib from the USA. I can not find a set like this in Canada and the only thing even similar was literally double the price!!!! Anyone have any issues with JC Penny baby furniture?? Thank you all!!! And obviously I don’t share Health Canada’s negative views or I would have canceled my furniture! Here is the set I got and also purchased the conversion rails and hutch for the change table!

The Expert answers:

The crib is safe. The lady you spoke to probably listened to Canadian manufacturers who would say something like, “Brand X cribs haven’t passed Canadian safety standards.” this is usually because the products were never submitted for testing in other countries. If Baby Cache makes a crib for sale only in the US, they wouldn’t submit it for testing in Canada, UK, Germany…

Hope this helps,


Richard asks…

Need a manual for heritage collection 3 in 1 convertible baby crib? Hi, I bought this crib for m?

Hi, I bought this crib for my daughter 4 years ago, then I disassemble it after I bought her a twin size bed. Now I need to assamble it for the new baby and I can’t find the manual for the crib. Does anyone which website or phone number I should call. I bought this from k-mart. I am also attaching the picture so you can know what it look like…

The Expert answers:

Did you look here?

Linda asks…

What’s missing from my baby registry?

Ok so I am putting the final touch on my baby registry!

So far I have

Clothes in all sizes including plain onsies + baby socks
Diaper’s size newborn to 3
Wipes of course!
bibs+burp cloths
a blanket that I absolutely would love to get for baby!
extra crib sheets
breast soother gel pack things (I don’t know they can be warmed or cooled and had a good rating)
A baby thermometer (with great reviews so I’m sure it’s a good one!)
First Aid Kit
bath toys, baby towels and bath time essentials kit (shampoo baby soap lotion, ect.)
Bottle wamer + breastmilk storage bottles that I’m pretty sure don’t use drop ins
Normal bottles for like water or if I HAVE to use formula for some reason
A dry rack organizer
A close and Secure sleeper
A pack and play
Baby Moniter
Auto Mirror+sunshades
A little baby play gym
A few select decorative items

We already have received from friends and family
a crib + matress
a breast pump (which I will be buying new shields for myself)
A changing table (with extra sheets)
teething rings, rash cream baby powder ect,
baby dresser
Baby Bathtub
Organizing items
(I think that’s it..)

So what’s missing I know there has to be SOMETHING haha.

Anything vital I forgot or any good products you recommend?

This is my first baby so kind of new to all this but I think I’ve pretty well covered it..

The Expert answers:

Sounds like you’ve got everything!
Maybe add a few toys to that list and a baby gate.
Congratulations! 🙂

Carol asks…

what is the best (safest) baby gear?

I am now ten weeks pregnant and trying to get some ideas on what kind of stuff to get. I need some reviews on carseats, cribs, and such. thanks!

The Expert answers:

Carseat.. Britax marathon

It is costly, but it is the best carseat because it can remain rear facing for up to 30 lbs and holds up to 65 lbs. It is comfy and safe. All the reviews I read about it say that, although expensive, it is well worth it.

I was going to get a more affordable car seat, but as I thought I about it it came to me that the last thing I should want to compromise is the safety of my little one if we should happen to be in a wreck.

Other things I have bought second hand like swings and holders and strollers. A good washing for a decent product is just fine for me. I also didn’t spend an arm and a leg on a crib/changing table set. I looked at the 300 dollar cribs and decided it wasn’t worth it. I don’t regret it yet.

Chris asks…

Baby is chewing on his crib, what should I get?

So much for the beautiful $400 crib! My 1 year old has discovered that he likes to chew on his crib. What products do you recommend I get to stop him from chewing on it? Past couple of days he has taken chunks out of it and we have pulled the wood from his mouth! I have read reviews from babies r us and I see the padding ones are best, but they are so expensive! Advice?

22 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
It’s a Graco convertible crib and he chews on the dropside rail AND only one of the side rails. The side rails are much thicker wood too.

**Reposted in Newborn and Baby section but not getting appropriate answers!

The Expert answers:

OhhHhh! This is funny to me, because my almost 2 year old was doing the same thing! I couldn’t figure out why, and come to find out, it was because he was waking up sooner than I went to go check on him, and I think he would get bored, so he figured what better idea than to chew on the crib?! Lol. So, I just started checking on him sooner, and not putting him in there until he was asleep. Also, I know this may sound a bit tacky, but I wrapped some of that foam stuff u can find in the craft department around, and I put fabric over it. You can try that. Good luck!

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