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Sharon asks…

What are some good Virtual Babysitting Games?

i really enjoy taking care of baby’s so i was wondering if anyone knew of a FREE virtual online babysitting game that is actually fun&realistic.
would really appreciate if someone could could help me out. thanks so much!

The Expert answers:

Hope you like these

Sandra asks…

What are some fun babysitting games?

Tommorow I’m babysitting for two kids: a boy, 7 and a girl, 9.
What are some fun babysitting games that I can play that aren’t too babyish because they ARE at an older age?

The Expert answers:

1. Marco Polo

This game is a favorite with kids. Simply blindfold whoever is “it,” and have them find the nearest person with their hands. The “it” person must yell “Marco” while everyone else yells “Polo” in reply. It is best to play this game outdoors, where nothing can be broken.

2. Red Light, Green Light

This game works well outside or in a large room. Simply have one designated person stand with their arms outstretched and yell “red light” or “green light.” Have everyone else stand on the other side of the room and run toward the designated person on a green light, and freeze on a red.

3. Duck Duck Goose

This may be an older game, but it can keep younger children amused for hours. Sit in a circle, and have one person walk around, tapping the head of each person that they pass, saying duck or goose. On “goose,” the person tapped must run after the tapper around the circle. If the person reaches their seat, the “goose” must sit in the middle of the circle, or the “pot.”

4. Coloring

This activity is best for a rainy day. Simply find some books, pull out some crayons and let the children do the rest. Make sure not to use pens, pencils or markers, and these can be harmful when bitten or swallowed.

5. Food Creations

Don’t just make sandwiches for lunch. If you can, turn lunch into a game. Take bananas and put raisins and candy on them to make people. Use cookie cutters for bread so that sandwiches have shapes. Try and use combinations of healthy and fun foods, for variation.

6. Simon Says

This game is simple. Simple stand in front of the group and say “Simon says do…” and everyone should follow you. Tell them that they must only act when “Simon says,” then occasionally do not say “Simon says” before an action. Whoever follows the commands most closely, wins.

7. Mental Games

Sometimes the best game is to simply think of a number, letter or word, the tell people to guess what you are thinking. Kids love this game because it allows them to be “psychic.” Make sure that you keep your mental choice between a certain range, so that they are not guessing forever.

Sandy asks…

I need help. i want to play fun babysitting games but i cant download anything on my computer. ?

i have tried everything. i cant download anything on this computer. so i want to play babysitting games online with out download can anyone help me?

The Expert answers:

Here are a few free online game sites I really like.

Donna asks…

What are some fun babysitting games for wii?

Anything that has to do with babysitting?

The Expert answers:

No. God, no. Why would anyone in their right mind want a video game that involved babysitting brats? You get paid to babysit because it is a pain, you don’t pay $30-$50 for a game that allows you to babysit.

Susan asks…

Do you know any Babysitting games?

I am babysitting a 10 year old, 9 year old, and 7 year old tonight. I am looking for fun games to play with them. not typical games like baseball, soccer etc but unique original games, becasue they cant agree on one game. we will be indoors. Any ideas?

The Expert answers:

Here’s the game I used to teach kids while babysitting that was a big hit (I called it the forehead game):

Take a stack of sticky notes (or small bits of paper and tape). Pick a category. Let’s say animals. Everyone writes one animal on their piece of paper where no one else can see it (you can help the 7 year old, if need be). Then, everyone puts the sticky note on someone else’s forehead. You go around in a circle and ask one yes or no question about the animal (or person, or food, or thing in the room, or whatever category you are using). Everyone answers that person yes or no. When someone gets theirs, they get to take it off and the game goes until the last person figures out theirs.

Hope that made sense.

Have fun babysitting!

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