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Michael asks…

Babyshower games…….?

Well, basically what the title says………i know the small safety pin in the rice game, the toilet paper game, the baby food tasting game……..

Can you give me any ideas of other games to have at my friend’s babyshower?

Thanks 🙂

The Expert answers:

I have one idea for a door prize that we have used a lot.
Take white napkins and fold them like a three corner diaper.
Put a little mustard in only one, not enough to feel it in there, but just to look like, well you know. Put safety pins on all. And when people come in have them pick one out of a bowl and pin it on. After the party is almost over, every one opens them, and the one with the mustard, wins door prize.

Thomas asks…

babyshower games?

hello all i am having a Coed-babyshower and want a couple of simple but fun babyshower games without boring my guests to death with foo foo games but want to have fun also most of my guest are non-speaking english what can i do?????

The Expert answers:

We put juice or pop in baby bottles from the dollar store….
And made the holes a little biggger and had a chugging contest to see who finished their baby bottles first….or you can time it….
Guys can put beer or something alcoholic in it……

You can use toilet paper and have people rip off how much to measure around the pregnant tummy……

Do a little quiz on the couple and the baby like……..
When is the baby due,,,,,what names have they chosen……

And guess what is in a diaper…..
Get baby diapers and put stuff on it……like melted chocolate….jam.peanut butter…..and they have to smell it and make a guess to what it is…..

You can also have them do a taste test of baby food…..
See who guesses them all right……

That’s all I can remember from the showers I’ve been to including my own…..

Sharon asks…

I have looked at many sites for free babyshower games where can I find them?

I looked at free babyshower games, themes and everything else and just cant find anything. I want this babyshower to be perfect it will be my brothers first baby and he is 24 years old and really have his head on straight and I want to show him that I appreciate it more than he thinks. I am planning the babyshower and I have a lot to do.

The Expert answers:


Mark asks…

What are some really fun games to play at a babyshower?

My sisters babyshower is september 20th and she is having a boy and we need ideas for the babyshower games we are giving away prizes?

The Expert answers:

Those games aren’t truly fun. Just pick names out of a hat.

John asks…

What are some fun babyshower games to play?

Im having my babyshower tomorrow and need more games any ideas?

The Expert answers:

The clothespin or diaper pin game….you can do that one several ways, at mine we played it where you lost your pin if you said the word baby….which is nearly impossible at a baby shower, lol, but it was fun!!!!!

We also did the toilet paper (or you can use yarn) people had to cut a piece however long they thought it would take to go around the biggest part of your belly, whoever is closest wins!!

We also filled a jar with jelly beans and guessed how many were in it…that’s not necessarily a “baby shower” game though

This site has TONS of really cute ideas too!!!

Good luck and have fun…….CONGRATS 🙂

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