Your Questions About Baby Care

Donna asks…

online shop for baby products that ship to Singapore? Ths!?

The Expert answers:

Have you considered using a Parcel Forwarding company like Bongo International? Bongo will set you up with a US address so that you can make purchases from US based online retailers…even if they don’t ship internationally. The biggest benefit is that you can make multiple purchases from different vendors and Bongo will consolidate them into one shipment for you. Trust me, it has saved me hundreds of dollars! Good luck!

William asks…

Where can I buy Guess Baby clothings here in Singapore?

I’m really not into online shopping (ebay, macys, etc) so I’ll appreciate if you can tell me any store here in Singapore where I can find it.

The Expert answers:

Sorry you may just have to give in and shop online.

Robert asks…

Where can i buy Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo in Singapore?

prefer a shop address, not buying online

The Expert answers:

Have you checked Guardian (I buy my bath cream for my eczema from there and I see a lot of related products there)…?

National Skin Centre pharmacy perhaps?

Maria asks…

where can i find electric tommee tippee steriliser in Spore as i can’t find it anywhere else in all mall?

I’m using a tommee tippee sterilizer which was bought 1 yr plus ago.Unfortunately it was unable to heat up and i’ve been searching everywhere in Singapore including all the major shopping retails and baby shops with no avail……Please help as i really love the sterilizer as it easy & convenient to use and do not take up much space.Tried finding online too but they do not ship overseas..Thank you.

The Expert answers:

Ebay – you can buy new and most people will ship to you

Jenny asks…

Information about singapore angel fish?

hello im a little confused i bought a singapore angelfish for my tank not long ago now the shop i bought it from said they they dont grow bigger than 4”. Now ive been looking online for some information as its turned quite territorial on me and killed alot of stuf in my tank and the info i found say that the drawf singpore angel is 4” and the singapore angel is 7” :-S can someone tell me the difference is there 2 kinds of this fish or is a dwarf angelfish just the baby version of the singpore? thankyou

The Expert answers:

I think this is a classic confusion of using common names rather than latin names. Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus aka the Vermiculated Angelfish also called the Singapore Angelfish IS a dwarf angel

I don’t believe there is a dwarf variant as this is a dwarf variant already. It will grow to 6/7 inches and be a difficult fish to keep

Google for Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus and see what you find

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