Your Questions About Baby Care

John asks…

Are there any good baby care games? and is there a website where i can watch ay movie for free? no downloads?

oh and no subscription or registration. there is a game i like to do it’s called bath time for baby, i’v played the whole thing before but i can’t find it.

The Expert answers:

I know a good one and there’s and they are fun because you have to care for them and you get to do real stuff like what u do with a real baby and you’d love it and theres they have baby games too but you only get them for 60 mins then you have to pay for it

James asks…

Are there any baby care games that are realistic?

Ive tried Nanny games and babysitter mania and nanny mania and kindergarten, but i cant find any realistic babycare games.
I want one were I can actually change its diaper and feed it and stuff. HELP!

The Expert answers:

No, they don’t make a game like that, because no one in their right mind would want to buy a game like that: For it to be truly realistic, it would have to wake you up ever couple hours — night and day — by crying, spit up on you after you feed it, and pee on you when you change its diaper. Without the amazing emotional bond of a mother for a child, that stuff would be unacceptably annoying.

Chris asks…

Baby care games online?

I want to find a really fun baby care game online.I can not download anything and it has to be free.I’ve already tried Kindergarten,Nanny Nelly,Maternal Hospital and Nicole’s Mommy Challenge.So if you know any besides them please let me know.Thank you.

The Expert answers:

Don’t know.

Mandy asks…

Virtual baby care games?! Plz help…i’m 20 and don’t know what she’s talking about!?

My cousin wants to know if…there are any “virtual” baby care games?! She wants them to be realistic…and not completely a joke. She doesn’t want a “who can change the diaper quicker” game, but one that you play as the mother. Please help me!

The Expert answers:

Tell her to buy a book instead.

Susan asks…

Do you know any really good games where you can care for a virtual baby?

Ok, well i want a virtual baby game where you care for a baby. i dont want to download it and it has to be free!!!!!!!

The Expert answers:

I don’t know any games.

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