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Lisa asks…

Essential clothing for a winter new born baby?!?

For my children project, I have to find out the essential clothing and amount for an newborn winter baby. Mothers, fathers, other please help,
thanks 🙂

The Expert answers:

It depends on the severity of the weather for me.

If it was below 40 degrees and snowing, for example, I would use:

Onesie as first layer
Shirt and pants as second layer
Blanket for covering or carseat cover that comes off.

The point is to dress in layers because even though it’s freezing outside it might not be where you’re going. This way you can peel off and put back on layers as needed.

Jenny asks…

when buying baby clothes?

We would like to put newborn all the way up to 18 months before the baby comes. Now I know some saving tips like buyin next season when this season dies. Like winter clothes when summer comes. Now my question is how can I determine the sizes they would need and if the baby is born in winter what season is for a 6 month old. We have the money now to supply the clothing but Im afraid we wont when the baby comes along. Can you guys help?

The Expert answers:

My baby is large for her age(all 3 of mine were), so you may waste your money buying clothes ahead of time. If you go a bit larger than their age, you should be okay. When she is 4 months, plan on her wearing 6 month clothes. When she is 6 months, plan on 9 months. You can buy things that layer, just in case your sizes are off and you need warmer or cooler clothes at that age. If you think you will not have the money later, buy gift certificates or gift cards ahead of time.

Thomas asks…

Help with Winter clothes?

I had a baby who was born in preemie size. she is almost three months now and just barely fitting newborn sized but too big for preemie, problem is its getting very cold now and our stores are all sold out of winter newborn sized clothes, and i tried the 0-3 months clothes but they are so large on her she kept suffocating on them because the kept lapping over her face… help?!
no actually, walmart is completely sold out of newborn size, and i cant afford those other stores! gap is outrageous!

The Expert answers:

I am sure you can find newborn clothes at some store. Walmart has a ton of sleepers in the newborn size. Even if you have to dress your baby in christmas clothes now, I am sure you can find something.

Edit: has free site to store shipping or 97 cents shipped to your house… You can get halloween “costumes”, which are basically pajamas with a cute theme as sleepers for $5

Long sleeve onesies for $2.00

Footed sleepers.. For $4.00

The list goes on. Check it out.

Mandy asks…

winter baby and summer clothes?

my daughter was born dec 18 weighing 8lbs 5oz and is now almost 3 months and weighs 11lbs 10oz and she wears size 0-3. she was in her newborn cloths for the first month and a half almost 2 months of her life. the 0-3 on her is still kinda big but fits her nicely.

i wanted to get her some summer dresses bc they are on sale where i like to shop, but i dont know what size to get. ppl keep telling me that you are supose to get the size bigger. she will be 6 months in june so ppl keep telling me 9 months. but june is only 3.5 months away. i dont see her shooting up to 9 months by june. then again this is my first child so i wouldnt know.

i was thinking of getting 6-9 hopping that would be good for atleast the first half of the summer. do you think that would be a good idea, or should i get 9-12

The Expert answers:

Infant clothing labeled 9 months means 6-9 months. Clothes for 9-12 months are labeled 12 months. On the other hand, some brands size themselves 6-12 months and some like Hanna Andersson use European sizing and would size it about 50 or 60. That said, there’s a lot of discrepancy between brands. My children always wore a size smaller on Gymboree bottoms than tops. No offense intended, but Carters seem to be designed with chubby babies in mind. Gerber always ran small, etc. If you’re just getting a couple of light weight dresses, you’re pretty safe with 6-9 months because you don’t want them to be too long (when she begins crawling, she’ll keep putting her knee down on her dress and tripping herself up. LOL – my daughter learned to avoid dresses by crawling on her hands and her feet with her tushie jackknifed up in the air – no knees involved). If it’s a soft knit, chances are it’ll have some give to it. My daughter wore 9 month dresses as a swing top paired with leggings/jeans sized 18 months in the Fall to extend the wear of dresses that I loved. If it’s a cotton/linen dress that doesn’t have a lot of give around, then I’d consider a size up. If it’s a great sale, then I’d get a couple in each size. Your child can be in both sizes – there is some overlap.

Ruth asks…

I have a baby due Feb 25th. Do i need to buy a lot of winter clothes?

I know it starts getting warmer in March usually so I’m kinda confused on how many winter clothes I need to buy. I don’t want to over buy with spring right around the corner but i want to have enough. I’ve known it was a girl for a few weeks now and I’ve already bought 8 winter outfits and some under-shirts and thick socks in size newborn. I’ll be off with the baby for 6 weeks and we’ll be in the house mostly. So should i start buying spring and summer clothes in bigger sizes?? I’ve never had a baby near the cange of a season so I’m kinda confused. Thanks in advance
I have a 2 year old that was born in summer time, so I have the basics. Blankets, socks, furniture etc. I have all her clothes but the small ones are summer clothes and I don’t think many of them will work.
I’m in Georgia. My older kids were 7.7 pounds and 8.7 pounds

The Expert answers:

If u have 8 nb outfits, stop! That’s plenty as they usually will wear sleepnplays or something like that at home when nb…i wouldn’t buy ahead, except maybe a couple things in 0/3 bc if your baby is like mine, even though she was over seven lbs., she was long and skinny; so if i had bought much ahead, they would be out of season when they fit….u might want some onesies, hats, mittens, bibs, swaddle wraps….but i would wait to buy much of anything else until u know how baby is growing and when they might fit; once u see them filling out the 0/3, start buying the next size up….and no more outfits, i know they are fun, but i had a ton that were sooo cute and never even got worn once….:((

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