Your Questions About Baby Care

Charles asks…

Who has affordable baby cribs other than walmart?

The whole set. Bed, changer & dresser

The Expert answers:

I got my set at ikea I love it it is very nice,simple and the the change table part comes off the dresser so it can be used much longer. Also the crib converts to a toddler bed i think the crib cost me 200 bucks.

Very good quality plus the sides don’t slide down , which i understand is the purpose for the many recalls lately.

Daniel asks…

Can I be arrested for leaving baby TT PabloDiablo in a crib at Walmart, while I Christmas shop?

I don’t want him to see his gifts..I’ll hand cuff one of him legs to the rails to make sure no perverts or kidnappers take him. yes or no

Thank you god bless handcuffs.

The Expert answers:

I am ashamed that Wally World doesnt have a daycare! I mean u can get ur hair cut -a mani/peti – oil changed – eat a big mac and deposit money in the bank there but they dont have a rugrat bin?!

Mary asks…

HELP with baby cribs and matresses!!?

So the only crib I found that will fit in the area I have intended to put the crib is this one..

Which is a good price and I like it.. but I have a question about the mattress pad.. I’m looking at this one..

Since its a portable crib mattress.. but I heard that your supposed to get waterproof mattresses or something.. but i dont see any of those types of mattresses so is it the actual MATTRESS that needs to be waterproof, or is it some type of over pad? I dont get it.. please send me recommendations or suggestions.. thanks!

The Expert answers:

Either one can be waterproof, both of them don’t have to be. Our crib mattress is covered in thick plastic-like material so it’s waterproof, but the mattress pad isn’t.

Chris asks…

Has anyone ever bought the Simplicity Aspen crib w/ trundle drawer for baby?

I’m almost 3 months pregnant and like the SImlicity Aspen crib (Walmart) and wondering if anyone has one, how do you like it?

The Expert answers:

I have this crib and so far so good. It wasn’t one of the ones recalled. It is easy put togerher, and take apart. The drawer takes up a lot of room under the crib and I haven’t found a use to put anything in it. I haven’t had a problem putting moblie on it, I had to take mine down b/c baby would stay up all nite “talking” to it. It seems easy to convert into the next stage of beds too. Good luck!

Mark asks…

Opinion on crib from walmart..?

I have been told once or twice to never buy baby furniture from walmart.
Well I think it all depends on how much research you if you buy a crib from there maybe you should look and see what the thing is made of, right?
I found a crib from there I really quite like.. it says that its made of solid New Zealand pine wood and there is no paper press board used.. which is what I am trying to avoid. But I don’t know what exactly New Zealand pine wood construction is.
This is it.. please tell me what you think. The price is low I’m scared I’m going to have one of those “you get what you pay for” situations..
I have been looking for a crib since I found out I was pregnant and I am now 26w4d so now that I found one that I like I want some other opinions

The Expert answers:

That crib is soo cute, we have a similar one in white although im not sure where it came from it’s an extra for if our friends come over with babies. Just because it is from walmart doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t that good we have bought some furniture that is great and well made. Your doing the right thing by doing your research and since there isn’t any pressed wood in the blue print i think you will be fine, just make sure you get the measurements for the width and length were the mattress will lay to make sure there isn’t any extra inches where the baby can slip in between (our friends got one with weird measurements and had a hard time finding a mattress that fit it correctly). I think you will be fine with this crib it is sooo adorable and im not sure about the new zealand pine wood but it sounds nice lol. Tons of luck congrats on your LO hope i helped (i’m typing on a computer desk from walmart it has withstood our 3 year old throwing things at it and running into it it doesn’t shake at all and is very sturdy lol.

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