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Sharon asks…

Can someone help me find good baby toys that are made in the USA?

All I can find are wooden toys that don’t seem very fun.

The Expert answers:

I have no Idea we have been looking for toys also even if you get to reading on a box you think is usa in small print its made in china and packaged in usa or canada

Nancy asks…

I want to buy our baby toys that are made in the USA or in Europe but can’t find anything that isn’t wooden.

Does anyone know of a toy company that makes toys in the USA? All I can find are wooden toys that kinda suc. 🙂 Thanks!

The Expert answers:

U could try

Mandy asks…

Where can I find teething toys MADE IN USA?

Where can I find teething rings/toys that are made in the USA? Every store (Walmart, KMart…..) have a variety of teething rings but they are all made in China. I will not buy any baby items that are made in China. I want some teething toys that are filled with water that I can put in the refrigerator.

The Expert answers:


You can check this site:

Just put “teething toys” into the search.

They have great products, and I’m sure they can answer any questions you have. They have been great about being in touch with me whenever I have contacted them.

Good Luck, and I hope you can find what you’re looking for.


Helen asks…

Best toys for 6-9 month olds? (Educational and made in USA or France are even better!!)?

What are your and your baby‘s favorite toys with everything out there? My daughter will be 8 months around Christmas time and I like to get started early. I don’t really like all the light up and sound stuff with Elmo and commercial junk that is sold at retails like walmart. So far I have picked her up some ABC blocks that are made in the usa that fit in a little wooden wagon, a tea set (little too old for her) and stacking cups made in the usa. She has some teethers and little figures to chew on made in the usa and france. I did pick up some educational electronic toys that are made in china like the Mozart cube and also some Blah Blah dolls.
What is your child’s favorite toy? What do they play with the most? I notice my nephew hardly touches all the “junk” he has but he loves the Folkart puppets I bought him for Christmas.

The Expert answers:

My son liked:

-Baby Einstein tunnel

He still uses it and he loved it when he was crawling. He even likes to sleep inside, play peekaboo. He loved the chewable toys, animals, so it doubles up as an activity gym

He also liked his activity table (he still plays with it, and he is 21 months old)

It has numbers, shapes, abc’s and it has a Spanish setting as well, he counts in Spanish up to 3 now : )

Good luck

David asks…

First it was our pets, than our babys toys. Now Toxic Baby Bibs…..what next?

Fox news is reporting lead paint found in Baby Bibs sold by Toy’s R’ Us. What else is next?

A few years ago, the plastic in some sippy cups contained the chemical, Bisphenol A (BPA). It was discovered that this toxic agent began to breakdown when washed in detergent exposing our children. When tested, this agent caused pronounced deformities in mice. Yet, some sippy cups are still are being produced containing Bisphenol A and have not been pulled from shelves. Depending on which article you read some say that the exposure is low.

I’ve said it before, “what better way for a country to incapacitate a generation, or generations, through exposing them to poisons and toxins.” Who knows what chemicals/poisons are found in nursing bottles, pacifiers, nipples, etc. Could this be the reason for the increase in Autism?

Foreign countries have fewer regulations than products made by our own companies here in the USA.

The Expert answers:

Oh I know! There are so many chemicals we come in contact with on a daily basis that are relatively “new.” There is no way to know the long-term effects of these daily exposures.

Personally, I think the increase in autism rates is caused by chemicals in our environment, homes, food and water.

I read a great article addressing this issues. It was written by a woman named Dr. Martha R Herbert and is called “Time to Get a Grip.” It’s a really interesting read!

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