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Mark asks…

Are there any sites for free baby stuff in Australia?

All the sites are for americans

Any help would be so appreciated. Also I dont need free stuff Im just interested

The Expert answers:

Check out The Freebies Blog, it’s a daily updated blog of freebies available to Australia and Worldwide, they even have a “Free Baby Products” section:

Steven asks…

i need web addresses for free samples / stuff in nsw australia?

web addresses for free baby samples beauty products anything free in australia nsw / qld /vic any that will help

thank you

The Expert answers:

Check out Pirate Pete, this website has a lot of links to freebies available to Australia…I use it a lot. Also links to other sites for freebies.

Also go direct to companies websites and usually you can email them and ask for free samples, tell them you want to try before you buy, you can often get stuff that way. In the past three months, I’ve gotten stuff from Huggies, Liptons, Johnson & Johnson and Kelloggs using that method.

Good luck.


Chris asks…

Free pregnancy/baby stuff sites AUS?

Hi, does anyone know of any sites that give away free pregnancy/baby stuff, such as coupons or whatever in Australia?


The Expert answers:

The Freebies Blog is an Australian site, that lists freebies and free samples available to Australia and Worlwide:

Mandy asks…

what are some websites that give free samples and that are delivered in australia?

I cant find any free samples that are delivered in australia and that give free shampoo,body stuff,baby stuff and anything else.

The Expert answers:
its great!

Lizzie asks…

Where can I get free baby stuff?

I am due to give birth in about 3 months and have been surfing the net finding all these great free samples and starter kits for babies but they are only in the U.S and it’s a real shame that I can’t seem to find any of that sort of thing here in Australia.
Does anyone know of any sites or places i can get free starter kits and product samples for babies?

for the few narrow minded people with less than half a brain that answered my question so far, you have no idea how tough it is to have a baby and instead of wasting money on products initially it is helpful to sample products before you buy them!
I f you haven’t got any children or are not planning to have them then I don’t think you understand that all the help you can get takes a lot of pressure of a new mother.
Go crawl back under the cinical rock you came out of…how dare you judge people like that!
oh yeah and i am not talking about expensive things that I will obviously have bought already myself, I am talking about samples of products eg. baby wipes, lotion and other handy things to try out.

The Expert answers:

Actually i go to each month they offer free samples..of new things..
Ive gotten samples of diapers to Laundry detergent..!

Who ever doesnt like samples must be extremely RICH and have why are they wasting their time on here..!

Ignore them.

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