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Sandra asks…

My friend’s kid is looking for a DS Nintendo game that you take care of baby. See clues below!?

My friend’s kid is looking for a DS Nintendo game that you take care of baby. The game comes in a series of at least three according to her.

She says, ” They make a dog and cat game like it too. Basically you learn to feed the animal or baby and you have to take care of it. Change its diaper, or if it is an animal—take it on walks.”

Her birthday is coming up very soon and I need know the name of the game where you take care of the baby. Thanks for your help!

The Expert answers:

They might be talking about “Imagine Babyz”.

Chris asks…

Virtual Baby Games Online Games or Download!?

Do you know any sites that you could play like your a mom and care for kids or babies or download them? Like where you feed, change, dress, educate and let them grow up to where you could still take care of? Please help with this. Your help is much appreciated.

The Expert answers:

Feeding Games

Robert asks…

What are some vitrual baby games?

It’s kinda like imagine babies for D.S but, Me & my sis played one on There is a game that you take care of a baby, games like that. We don’t know why but it’s fun! FOR KIDS!!!!!

The Expert answers: is kinda fun I guess. You can make money really easily just by playing ghames then buy ur baby food and toys n stuff. I have a lilboy named Matthew. My fave game is a Tomato game.=)

Daniel asks…

baby sitting games to play online?

if u know any babysitting games im not babysittin kids like online….games like a website and u can pretend online 2 babysit plz?plz help i tried everthing ?thx i need websites free games for babysitting like in the games u take care of kids?
any websites plz thx:)

The Expert answers:

This is a link to a great online gaming place. I saw a game called Carrie the Caretaker on there. It might be what you are looking for. “”
After you click this link go to the online games section and select adventure games, once there just scroll down and find the one called Carrie the Caretaker…hopes this helps.

John asks…

Does anybody know any good websites to go to for games where you can take care of babies?

i have searched on google but they only give me dumb results like how to take care of a newborn or they give me results like nanny mania and baby luv but ive played nanny mania and baby luv doesnt work on my computer so someone please help me find a good website with fun games that involve taking care of babies and if so does anyone know the website to the sims 2 game online because i heard they have a game where you can take care of kids but the one i went to u had to enter your cell phone number and get ringtones or something like that and thats not what i want to do so plz plz plz help n peace out A town down lol jk thanks very much for taking your time to read this and help a sista out

The Expert answers:

Simulation Games: Feeding Games?

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