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William asks…

Having a hard time financially- Does anybody have any sites that will will send you free baby stuff (canada)?

I have 2 preschoolers and now have 5 month old twins that were unplanned.
I am really struggling to raise them on my own and im only able to nurse one as my supplys not great. so with the cost of formula/diapers/goodnights/toietries/groceries for the older girls most days i am unable to eat
I could use samples/coupons for anything really
* i typed in groceries but for some reason it will only show gro… i tried fixing it twice???

The Expert answers:

You can go visit the website such as pampers, they have links there where you can get free diaper coupons. Aside from company website, you can also check other sites that offer links for free baby diapers and diaper coupons.

George asks…

does anyone know any good free baby stuff websites in canada?

The Expert answers:

Lol I’ve got an answer, this is where you can get free gift certificates…

This page tells you exactly how to get free $300 gift certificates. Really, it’s the best way to get free stuff online because YOU get to choose exactly what you want to get. What could be better?


It’s totally legit, you should go set it up right now.

Watch the videos and it’ll only take you about 10 minutes.

Sandy asks…

why is there so many free baby things in usa but not canada?

I see all these sites offer free baby stuff for usa only why not for canada. Its just not only baby things its other things also. I dont think its fair. Do you? also if u know where i can get free stuff for canada that be cool to.

The Expert answers:

I have noticed that lots i just go to and search Canadian baby freebies. I find lots of different thing that way

Robert asks…

i ,m from Canada Ontario how and where can i apply for free coupens for baby diaper and other babies stuff?

The Expert answers:

Search on google there is lots of sites to help you out!

Maria asks…

Anyone know any good sites to get free stuff??

anyone know good sites to get free samples like make up baby stuff etc…in canada!!! thanks::)

The Expert answers:
I’ve gotten free magazine subscriptions as well as household cleaning stuff, candy, makeup etc.
I’m not sure about Canada though..worth checking out.

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