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Daniel asks…

What are babysitting rates these days?

I am fiften almost sixteen , and i babysit around my neighborhood. I babysit two kids, the girl is five and the boy is almost three. What should the hourly rate be? Also, if it helps, i’m in maryland.

i am also not sure where this should go, as in like the category.

The Expert answers:

Since you aren’t to old and you aren’t to experienced I wouldn’t expect to get paid all that much. I would say whatever the family decides to pay you.

You might get near thirty a night…

Ken asks…

What are the rates for babysitting pet care house work and so on?

I am somewhat poor. I got unexpectedly accepted in to this wonderful but really expensive private school. My mom says I can go if I can help pay for my tuition by bringing home $800 a month. So I decided to start babysitting, dog walking, animal care, house hold jobs like cooking and cleaning and mother’s helper. But first I need to get a job which means advertising. I need to know job rates and any tips you may have.

The Expert answers:

That depends on a few factors. Where you live and your age/experience are the most important things to consider. New York and California rates are a lot higher than my part of the country.

If you are 15 or 16, consider getting a real job at a grocery store or in fast food. You will get steady hours and not have to worry if somebody will need a sitter next weekend or not. Child labor laws will restrict your earning potential until school is out, but during the summer you can earn at least $8/hour.

You can also find ways to save money around the house. Do not run up phone bills by texting. Rely on the public library for entertainment instead of spending $20 at the movies. Shut off the lights when they aren’t needed.

Ask about financial aid and scholarships the school might offer. Even if you can’t afford to go this year, perhaps there will be a place next year. Remember that you were offered this chance because you are exceptionally talented or very smart: that will not change if you do not able to attend this school. Keep that in mind when you apply for college scholarships,

Good luck.

Laura asks…

What are the going rates for babysitting in 2009?

Ok, i am about to start babysitting and i have no clue what the going rates are. I will be watching a baby that is just over 1 year old and i am 14. Does anyone know about how much that would be? Thanks in advance!

The Expert answers:

The rates vary quite a bit from area to area. The range is something like $3 to $10 per hour, with $5 being common.

Maria asks…

what is apprioate for babysitting rates 10-12 hours a day?

they told me i would get around 500 a month, but last night, they entioned that i should find some rates. should i tell them i want wat i have been told? or look for a rate?

The Expert answers:

How old are you? Where do you live? How many years experience do you have? What type of neighborhood does the family live in? (Lower class, middle class, etc) How many kids? How old are the kids? Do you have to do cooking? Cleaning? Do you have to drive the kids to activities? If so, do you have to use your car? If so, are they paying for gas?

Ruth asks…

What are the going evening babysitting rates in Western KY for one child under 4?

I was thinking about $3.00 and hour but my husband thought it was more. The teens you ask don’t specify, they say whatever you want to pay them. The babysitter would be about 15 years old. Not alot of experience. I don’t want to be cheap but I need to know if I can afford to go out.

The Expert answers:

I live in Ohio, but if I was going to pay for a babysitter (usually my friends and I will switch off – so it doesn’t cost), I would probably pay $10-$20 flat for the evening.

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