Your Questions About Baby Care

Ruth asks…

Will corporations be fair and honest and reduce their prices immediately if Herman Cain reduces corporate tax?

The Expert answers:

More likely they’ll increase the annual bonuses for their CEOs and forget everyone else. That’s what they’ve done with every other break they’ve gotten.

Sandy asks…

whats the doctor called when he works wth adhd kids and mental?

The Expert answers:

If you’re looking to work with children with ADHD as well as “mental” you’ll need to become a pediatric psychiatrist. This takes 2 more years than general psychiatry. There is a great deal of competition to get into med school and a 2.5 won’t get you close, unfortunately. Hopefully your writing skills are considerable better than what you’ve displayed above.

Michael asks…

Who said this about Obama? and What would the media say if oh say a republican said this?

The Expert answers:

Joe Biden, the man who also said that you almost need an Indian accent to run a 7-11. He’s a bigot.

Steven asks…

Why’re some women playing in life of men and act as feminists?

The Expert answers:

Why didn’t you learn English before coming over here from Delhi?

Daniel asks…

best smelling body spray and perfume you have ever used?

The Expert answers:

Paris Hilton (all 4 of them are great)
Calgon Morning Glory Body Spray (amazing)

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