Your Questions About Baby Care

Paul asks…

Do the babies in the my baby girl/boy games(for ds) grow up?

The Expert answers:

I think so. My friend was saying something about her DS breaking because the babies grew up and she couldn’t get them out. I never did hear what happened with them.

Actually, I think it was a different game. I don’t think they grow up in the game that you are talking about.

Nancy asks…


Preferably for the DS, but I am open to other suggestions as well. Some examples:

Baby Pals, My Little Baby, Imagine Babysitter, and Imagine Babyz. Also, “GAME” ( does it’s own brand games: My Baby Boy, and My Baby Girl.

The Expert answers:

My little baby it is realistic, great graphics, fun, lots of stuff to do, cute, loads of items, fully customize baby, just like a real baby. I would get this, as I have it and it is cool. Imagine games are almost always said to be rubbish, in my baby boy and baby girl, the babies are completely unrealistic and you can’t do a lot with them and baby pals has less things to do and not nearly as good graphics as my little baby.

Daniel asks…

what are some unique baby shower games?

We are giving my sister a baby shower (for a boy) and need game ideas. I would like to have some unique games so that we don’t play the same ones that are at every other baby shower. We also want to include the big sister (who is 13) in some of the games so she don’t feel left out. any ideas are appreciated!!!

The Expert answers:

I played we couldn’t say anything that had to do with baby. Scrambled letters, bingo.

Mandy asks…

I need some ideas for activities/games at my baby boy’s 1st birthday party?

There will be about 12 adults and 4-5 children ranging in age from 10 mo to 5 years. I want to have something to keep everyone occupied and engaged but I’m working with a fairly tight budget. Any ideas are appreciated.

The Expert answers:

Balls and dolls are the safest and the cheapest of the lot…..inflatable balls and dolls made of fabric are soft and affordable….a set of building blocks can do good, provided they are too big to swallow and too light to get injured….

Maria asks…

Cute baby shower games and decoration?

I am throwing a suprise baby shower for my sis in law on sat and i would love some cute ideas! thanks!! she is having a baby boy!

The Expert answers:

Go to your local Party City or whatever party store is near you. You’ll find all the decorations you’ll ever need there.

For games, I like the Ribbon game:
All you need is spool of ribbon & a scissor. Have each guest cut off a piece of ribbon that they think will wrap around the mommy-to-be’s waist without overlapping. Whoever comes closest wins a prize.
Also, set a regular kitchen timer to various times while the mommy-to-be is opening gifts. When the timer goes off, the person who gave the gift that she’s holding wins a prize. This is a good game to save for last because you can regulate it so there are ties.
The last shower I was at, everyone was given a necklace with a pacifier on it and if the wearer said “baby”, whoever was closest was able to take their necklace. Whoever had the most necklaces at the end of the shower won a prize. You’d be shocked at how competitive women can be for a freakin’ candle.

I like tart burners & a couple tarts as big prizes.

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