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Jenny asks…

What toys did you buy for your 6 month old baby?

I want to buy my son toys but I am not sure which ones to buy. Do you have any ideas on what could possibly amuse a 6 month old. If you do, please be specific and give me the exact names and brand of the toys.

The Expert answers:

I do not have any children but I do have a niece and nephew. Children this age love bright colors and toys that make noise. Buy him soft toys because at this age they tend to put everything in their mouth. Hope that helps!

Sandra asks…

why can’t my 6 months old baby open hands to grab items/ toys?

The Expert answers:

I ve heard of babies that crawl at 5 months n my son cant even sit without being held or proped up, im not concerned. Babies go through milestones at different rates. Im tryin to “teach” my son by standing him on me n sitting him, i believe (in my head, not necessarily true) that practice makes perfct n if i try he’ll eventually learn.

Y not try open his hands n hand him a toy n see what he does? My son is 6 months n grabs things n waves them about but he never holds them for long. It will come in time

Chris asks…

what toys does a 6 month old baby need?

I am a mom of 6 month old twins and not really sure what toys i should get them. i bought them a jumperoo, walker, bumbo seat, boppy, playmat for tummy time, high chairs, bibs and a few little toys like a cell phone toy, laptop, books, balls and baby dolls. does this sound like they have enough stuff to keep them entertained. I am not really sure what they need… or would want. Unfortunately with having 2 i dont get to have as much one on one time with them as i would like but i have to split my time evenly and it gets hard at times. so i try to have other things around that they can play with or do while i am holding the other one or feeding the other one. and honestly i dont know what a 6 month old baby would like to play with…. i worked in a daycare before i got pregnant and they didnt have hardly any toys and the babies looked so bored all the time and i dont want it to be like that at the house. so any suggestion anybody?? or do you think i have enough stuff to keep them entertained.

please no negative comments….like….. I’m a horrible mom cause i cant spend one on one time with my child all the time. I’m a stay at home mom of 6 month old twins and i cant hold both of them all day every day. I am doing the best i can and try to spend as much one on one time as i can. thank you

The Expert answers:

U are doing brilliant-its hard with one chile let alone 2!
Thay have plenty-u will find that the smallest thing will entertain them like a cardboard box! Once they are well stimulated with music and sounds and colours etc they should be fine.keep talking to stimulate speech etc. Dont worry-u have everything they need.

Donna asks…

why my baby 6 months keeps crying when i left her a lone at room ?

she always want me to be around to play with her but i have other home chores to do.
even i tried to put all her toys to be around but it was not useful .

The Expert answers:

She is attatched to you. The best way to break her from being so attatched is to start small. You can start by staying in her sight while u do your chores. Just lay a blanket down on the floor and put her and some toys on it. She may cry a lot at first. But you can not pick her up. Just talk to her in a calming voice. After a while she will realize that you are close by and her crying will not get her picked up. In the beginning you will have to take her with you to each room as you clean. But once she becomes okay with being on her blanket with you in sight then its time for the next step. Try putting her in ur living room on the blanket with her toys while you clean. This time do not take her with you to each romm as you clean. She may cry when she realizes she can’t see you anymore. Jus go to her and talk to her. Do not pick her up. After a while she will be okay. And you will be able to put her in a room by herself as you clean. (This process may take a few days but it is worth the time and effort in the end)

Sharon asks…

What are some interesting toys for 6+ months?

I am a little wary of the plastic, battery-eating, lights-flashing, obnoxious noise-making run-of-the-mill toys. We have some, and baby likes them, but I would be interested in finding some neat, unique, non-battery operated toys that will hold my babies’ interest.

I hear Plan Toys are good. Also, I would rather support a small business, than Fisher Price or another huge company. Does the “toymaker” type still exist? Has anyone had any luck with a small, home-based toy business?

Links and reviews, opinions and ideas please. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

My daughter loves blocks and those stacking rings. Also, even though it says for ages 3+ I got her a little “my first band” set with different musical instruments like maracas and bells and a xylophone. I just supervise closely, but she loves them. Also I love a lot of the toys from Germany and Holland. My mom has a whole stash from when we were younger and my daughter couldn’t get enough of them. I’ll try to find some links to some of my other favorite toy places to. Happy shopping!!!

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