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Lizzie asks…

Are the 20% off coupons that Babies R Us have good for instore and online?

I get them every month or so and can’t remember if they are instore only or not. I’m gonna need to get a third carseat super soon and was hoping to be able to use it and the carseat we are wanting to get is online only.
k…now to just hope I get one within a week or two! I’m 33 weeks and will need it before baby is here!

The Expert answers:

Yes you should be able to use them online, just type in the coupon code when you are checking out, same as in the store. I have used them before.

Mandy asks…

i am trying to find printable toys r us and babies r us coupons, can anyone help?

The Expert answers:

Just order the catalog it is way cheaper and come with about 50-75 coupons

Helen asks…

Anyone have any Babies R Us coupons? Esp for strollers/car seats?

I have 15% off a car seat and one for 15% off a stroller/travel system. Anyone have anything good?

The Expert answers:

Toys r Us has 25% off baby stuff if you tried in old stuff. Check the website for details

Mark asks…

are there any magazines where they insert the babies r us 20% off coupons?

how else do you get them? when you start a registry? when you sign up for something?


PS, i know there are websites where you can get coupon codes but that is not what i am looking for. I am trying to find the physical coupons that I can take into the store and buy something with.

The Expert answers:

The Sunday paper (at least where I live) almost always has a 20% off coupon for Babies R Us in their ad….

David asks…

I need Babies R Us coupons. Where can i find legit coupons?

The Expert answers:

Go to . They usually have them

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