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Ruth asks…

K-Pop Question here~ Anybody can answer?

Hi there^^
I wanna ask some K-Pop questions….

1. T-Ara is from what entertainment?
2. Link for Mr. Simple Type A (any cover) review?
3. Link for these songs dance tutorial ? :
– Super Junior M’s Perfection
-Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry
-Super Junior’s Bonamana
– T-Ara’s Roly Poly
– 2NE1’s I am the best
4. How to join daum?
5. I have plenty of FF about K-Pop group. I have NEVER upload it any where, or share it. So, I think this is the time to share it. So, is any blog wanted a FF author?
6. Super Show 4 location list?
7. Is it true that Girls Genration’s Taeyeon sleep with a yoga pose?
8. Factory Girl. What is this show about? I hear that Girls Generation starring in this show.
9. Link for Hello Baby Season 4 Episode 5 Eng Sub?
10. Can you share your favorite member in Super Junior, SHINee, DBSK, JYJ, 2PM, Girls Generation and Miss A in order?
11. Where to download all Dream High OST?
12. Link for trusted online shop site for K-Pop things?

That’s it, please answer.. Sorry if I ask a LOT…..

P.S. : Anyway, if somebody know a US/UK movie ( i dunno the title) where in a coffee shop a old grandma is actually a zombie an bite a man? After that, my dad switched the channel, so I dunno the next, if u dunno it’s okay.

Gomawo^^ (Thanks)

The Expert answers:

Someone else answered the first part of your questions. I think I have the answer to your ps question. There is a scene in Legion where a demon disguised as an old woman bites a man. The movie’s page at Internet Movie Database has a clip of the scene you saw. I hope this helps.

Donna asks…

What size of heater do I need for my turtle’s tank?

I bought my baby terrapin today, and for now I’m keeping it in quite a small tank. As it grows I’ll get a bigger tank, but for now I have to make do.

My tank length is 13″, depth and width are 7″. Water volume is around 2.38 litres currently (as advised by the shop owner – he said not to have it too deep because it’s still only little).

What size of heater should I use? And what voltage?
Also, any suggestions of heater I can get in the UK (online preferably) would be great too!

The Expert answers:

I’d say you have a 10 to 20 gallon tank. As in heater do you mean water heater? And since it’s small estimate how much water you have and try and get a maybe 10 gallon heater. Get one with automatic shut off so it doesn’t over heat. I found mine on

Daniel asks…

Which buggy to buy as a 2nd pushchair?

I’m going to buy a buggy to use when travelling with baby (over 6 months) and like the Maclaren Volo. Can anyone recommend it or any other. I only have up to £50, possibly £60. ($120 usd)

-Also, do you know the cheapest place online. I know about but if there’s a cheaper shop i’d be grateful to know.


The Expert answers:

They have some beautiful pushchairs on eBay for less then 50 and there brand new so your going to be getting a bargain
heres a few to show you but im sure if you look you’ll find a nice one

This one finishes in 8 hours

this is a lovely one comes with footmuff too and raincover for £50 including delivery

Laura asks…

Nappy covers for disposable nappies?

I’m trying to find some nappy covers suitable for a boy.

I can find the ones that cover traditional/non-disposable nappies online but what I want is something a bit like pants to slip over my toddlers disposables.

I don’t want the ones with velcro as he can undo this (hence needing the covers in the first place). There is plenty out there for baby girls but putting my son in little frilly panties – well need I say more 🙂

He likes to run around the house in his t-shirt and nappy but as he keeps removing it I need that extra deterrent.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

(I’ve looked into normal boy’s pants but they aren’t quite big enough)

UK please – links to American shops/websites would be no use 🙂
To clarify, boy’s underpants pants are cut around the leg so the nappy leg is showing through and also too low at the back and front (nappies coming up to the tummy)

He has shorts and has been wearing them but:

a) they still come down to his knees and
b) he removes them (quite the little exhibitionist)

Basically I’m after something to keep the nappy from being removed but that still looks nice.
15 months old – I’ve considered pull-ups but as they are used during potty training they aren’t quite absorbant enough.

The Expert answers:

Not what you want, but how freaken cute is this

I put pins through the Velcro for my boys covers or put proper buttons on them.

Don’t ask me I have no idea

Nancy asks…

Keeping Bearded Dragon Lizards??

We’re considering getting a bearded dragon or 2 as iv been interested in them or a few years now,

I want a large vivarium or similar, is it more important to go for height or width or is both important?

is it better to keep one or 2?

is it a good idea to purchase a smaller vivarium as well for when they are babies to avoid distress, as iv heard they don’t like too much space at first?

When purchasing them from babies what happens if we end up with opposites sexes and they mate, iv heard you can dispose of the eggs, but i don’t feel i could do that?

Im in the UK wheres the best value for money place either online or a shop that sells vivariums ect?

Thanks any info would be great!

The Expert answers:

Hi, two adult beardies would be very much at home in a viv 4 x 2 x 2 foot size, but you are right that as babies they would need a small viv to start with say 2 long x 1 deep x 18″ high.
Dragons do like company so two is better than one provided they are the same size and if they are mixed sexes and they do reproduce later in life then you could sell the young back into the reptile trade very easily.
You can buy on line but there are many reptile shops in england that sell at reasonable prices and will be able to give you a lot of free advice and be at the end of a phone if you have a problem.

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