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Daniel asks…

One hour for baby shower games-how many games should be planned?

If there is one hour for baby shower games– how many games should be planned? (Some of the ones that we have are short and won’t take long.) What do you think?

The Expert answers:

Depends on the games but 2 – 4 baby shower games should be fine. Mine thought is have 3 planned and a spare just in case.

Baby Bottle Drink off is fun and harder than you think. (If large groups at a time 10 minutes or less)

Baby Animal Game – match up Baby Animal names with adult animal names. (under 10 min.)

Baby Shower Bingo is always fun and all ages can play. (10 – 15 min.)

Measure Mommy – where you guests estimate the length of string that would fit around the mommies belly. Closest to the actual amounts wins. This site has game intructions if you like the idea. Http:// (About 10 min.)

Baby Outburst or Baby Jeopardy – Fun games but set for a baby shower (10 – 20 minutes)

Diaper Games – What’s in the dirty diaper (10 – 15 min) and more

And a full list of 60 baby shower games.

Good luck.

Carol asks…

Does anyone have any ideas for baby shower games?

I want to do some different games for my baby shower. Everyone always does bingo, and word unscramble, and where your not allowed to say baby, but I want some different ones. If you have and suggestions or ideas please let me know! Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Here are a few more shower games
Baby Bottle Drink off is fun and harder than you think.

Baby Magazine Game – Guest have to find items in baby magazines

Rubber Ducky race with a kids pool or baby bath. Http://

Baby Food Feeding Races for teams or couples

Baby Outburst or Baby Jeopardy – Fun games but set for a baby shower

Diaper Games – Create a Diaper cake Game, Diaper-tionary – use Diapers to create objects your team must guess, What’s in the dirty diaper and more

And a full list of 60 baby shower games.

Good luck.

Donna asks…

I was wondering if anyone knows any good and fun baby shower games to play?

I’m throwing my best friend a baby shower in one week and I need ideas on good baby shower games with directions…Also I need ideas on gag gifts for those who win the games being played (funny gifts that deal with pregnancy like condoms, birth controls pills, pads, etc)….Please help any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

The Expert answers:

TRIVIA GAMES! Make up, in advance, trivia game-rounds of 5-10 questions, with a couple of secret extras in case you need tie-breakers. Give each round a theme, such as the new baby’s family history, what baby items the parents already have for the new one, the weirdest baby-names you’ve ever heard of anyone legally naming their baby, what ages babies normally start doing basic development things — cutting first teeth, smiling, crawling on all fours (not just pulling themselves along with the arms), age of first word, etc.

Trivia games can be played all at once (several rounds), or one round at a time, spaced out through the party — in teams, or (if the Q rounds are short) individually — for a prize for the winner of each round, or a cumulative Big Prize at the end of the party, or both.

BABY’S FIRSTS: Another game rewards players for cleverness: read out a list of Baby’s Firsts, one item at a time, and get mom and guests giving suggestions of things they’d love to have as this baby’s “first:” word, person they smile at, crawl-destination, solid food, joke they tell, etc.

WORST BABY’S FIRSTS: Later on, play a variation: Worst Baby’s Firsts — similar to the above, but this time, add to the list of Baby’s Firsts things the guests would NEVER want this kid to do for their first: person they smile at, sneeze, word, swear-word, reaction to grandma and/or grandpa (or doctor, dogs,….), things they see or hear their parents doing, etc.

PRIZE IDEAS: For all the prizes and gag gifts, put them into a *covered* basket, so nobody sees what they are or how many there are. Have the “winners” choose their gift by feel alone.

To add to the “giftiness” of your examples, hand out each one clasped in the paws of cute clip-on animals. The little plushies are very baby-suggestive, and they somewhat disguise the gag part of the gift.

To your list of gag gifts, you could add a couple of tiny newborn disposable diapers, tubes of lube gel, and paper (written) gag-gifts: baby and pregnancy jokes; “how-to” instructions (write them yourself, if need be, which would also mean you can write humorous ones — how to get a cranky baby to sleep, how to have sex, how to seduce a man, how babies are made, how to introduce the baby to the family dog, etc); and “recipes” such as the Banana Cake recipe (below).

Have fun! ……. 😀


James asks…

What funny prizes could I give for baby shower games?

I am throwing my friend a baby shower, and I am giving favours to the guest when they leave. I have a few games planned, and I would like to give some prizes that break the ice, and get some laughs… any ideas would be appreciated.

The Expert answers:

The whole Condom thing was hilarious! I was trying not laugh since my son is sleeping right next to me:D Get the XL condoms!
Breast Pads
Witch Hazel Pads (what they gave me for my episiotomy)
Diaper Cream
Adult Diapers
Sippy Cup/bottle with a shot glass in it (only if the guests drink)
Burp cloth and bib set (instead of the normal towel set)
Make some No Bake Cookies, wrap in clear wrap and wrap those in a diaper – will look like poop
Set of baby keys
Baby Wipes
Small basket of baby foods
Set of fine silver aka baby spoons
Rectal thermometer

George asks…

I need ideas about baby shower games please?

I have never been to a baby shower before, but we are throwing one for our friend. I am one of the organizers but I have no idea what baby shower games are.
If you have any ideas about shower games, tips, things to do etc. please share them with me.

The Expert answers:

I have a baby shower guide on my website (it’s free!) that is FULL of useful tips and ideas. There is an entire page dedicated to games and activities. Please feel free to browse….


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