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Daniel asks…

Baby clothes sizes? How long did your newborn stay in newborn clothes?

Ok so i have quiet a bit of newborn clothes, all ill need. I have a TON of 0-3 clothes. They go from sun dresses to warm winter sleepers. Shes going to be born within 14 days and it stays warm here till middle to end november. My question is after your baby was born how long did they stay in newborn clothes? hoping to squeeze in the sun dresses before cool weather!

The Expert answers:

My daughter is 4 months this week, and was 7lb 13 oz at birth. 3-6 month Gerber onsies are already too small. 3-6 month sleepers, Carters, are just about too short and constricting. You really want to aim for 6 month stuff at a minimum I’ve learned. A little loose, and you’re okay. Too tight and baby is uncomfortable.

Lisa asks…

What kind of baby dolls will fit in newborn clothes and diapers?

My 18 month old daughter has a facination with putting diapers on her toys, I know when I was a child I had a doll that fit in baby clothes. Every doll I’m finding is like $50+ and I refuse to pay that for a doll that she’s just going to drag around and get dirty. Any ideas?

The Expert answers:

Small ones

David asks…

What kind of soap or detergent do you use for newborn baby clothes?

The Expert answers:


Sandy asks…

How long did your baby wear newborn clothes?

I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and finishing up my shopping for baby. I want to get him 2 pair of newborn pants, 2 pair newborn shorts and like a 5 pack of newborn onesies but my husband and I have been arguing about this because he claims newborns don’t wear the newborn size they start wearing 0-3 months right when they come out! I personally think he’s wrong so I’m just wondering how many people had babies in newborn size and how long was your baby in newborn size?

The Expert answers:

Well certain 0-3mos fit like newborn… My first baby was in nb for a week, my second baby never ever wore nb..

Richard asks…

what brand of laundry detergent to you recommend for newborn baby clothes?

i haven’t had my son yet, i’m just getting everything ready for him. i’m not a big fan of the dreft smell at all so if theres something else i can use thats just as good that’d be great! any suggestions?

The Expert answers:

My kids had no problem with regular laundry detergent. If I were you, I would try washing a few things in whatever you normally use and see if they have a problem with it. Most babies do NOT have issues with regular detergent. Then, if your baby does get a rash, you can buy something milder. Regular old Tide is one of the most gentle detergents for people with skin issues out there, believe it or not.

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