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Betty asks…

in second Life, how do you raise your kids?

hi i’m kendall and i love playing alot of games including sl, the online virtual play and chat game. i got married and had a baby girl in second life, but if someone could help me out, how do you raise your kids and when do the the babies grow? how do you care for them in the game?

if anyone who plays the game SL
and has kids and knows about raising kids and the basics of the game please help . would greatful thanx!

The Expert answers:

I agree with the others – this will get better answers in the gaming section. Most of us here know how to parent but couldn’t possibly translate that to a video game, and I think it’s safe to say most of us mums don’t have time to be playing video games! (We’re all far too busy on Yahoo Answers :p) Good luck!

Charles asks…

Why Do Woman Always Have To Take Care Of The Kids?

I get so frustrated sometimes. cuz its seems to me like there is a double standard for men and woman, when it comes to raising kids. It feels like the woman is always responsible for everything. If my husband works all day, he comes home, and he expects me to watch the kids at night too. but if i work all day, and come home, then he expects me to still watch the kids. I love my husband, and he’s a good father. but i always have to ask him to change a diaper, or do this or that, and every time i do, its like im pulling teeth. he grumbles, and acts like im being unreasonable. Why just cuz im the mother, and the woman do i have to take most of the responsibilites. like if the baby cries at night, who gets up. me. and if i don’t get up, then know one would get up. babies sitting on the floor crying about something, my husband won’t get off his video games to help, i have to go tend to her. it just frustrates me how i am the sole person responsible for watching our child. and i have another on the way, so when the 2nd one comes out, im sure things will be the same, with the help. why do men always think that they have a right to be lazy? they say, oh its a woman’s job, or your better at it, or i worked all day? I think those are all just excuses guys say so they can get away with making the woman do all the work and they just sit around and relax. i feel like i get no time to myself. sorry, i don’t mean to rant or anything. just wondering peoples opinions on this, and any ideas a bout what to do about this? thanks.
Not saying that all men are like this. there are exceptions. this is just the way it feels to me.

The Expert answers:

It is FRUSTRATING! My husband and I own a business, I take care of one store, he takes care of the other. We BOTH have one day off a week, we have a 2 year old and a newborn and guess what? If he comes home and wants to go to the gym for 2 hours, he’s free to do so…if I come home and want to take a shower for 10 minutes without the kids it’s like I asked him to take them for a week while I go on vacation. He’s even asked my WHY I needed to take a shower…I’m not even kidding! On Sunday (which is BOTH of our only days off) he gets to take a nap…but me?? I’m lucky if he’ll watch our 2 year old for 30 minutes after we usually wake up so I can ‘sleep in’ for that amount of time.

Okay…yeah, I’m just venting now, but I totally agree with you! It’s irritating, I breast feed, change ALL the daipers, work 60 hours a week WHILE taking care of the kids, come home, clean the house, cook dinner EVERY night and am lucky ( and I mean VERY lucky ) if I get to take a shower without my 2 year old!!


Mary asks…

Do you feel in laws have a right to ask you and be curious how you take care of your new baby?

It is my first baby, he is 4 months old. I was also raised with 7 siblings whom 4 i cared for most of the time, growing up. I have cared for babies and my own mother raised 8, I have a baby doctor like everyone else. I feel my in laws have no reason to think i wouldn’t know what I am doing. My own mother doesn’t ask or seem concerned with what goes on in my home with my new baby. However, my mother and sister in law ask me, “are you still nursing him, when are you going to wean, ok is he eating solids yet (followed by, breast milk wont last him eventually) does he sleep in your bed or his own? Followed by a moment of silence after I answer, yes he does sleep with me sometimes, it is the only way sometimes. Does he sleep in his nursery ever? followed by moment of silence when I answer NO not yet, because I nurse at night, making it clear she thinks he belongs in his own room, across the house.

Sometimes I feel fuzzy and want to talk with my mother in law, to make her feel more connected, being that we live far away, so I will talk about my routine with her after she asks something about the baby, and all i get is moments of silence when she doesn’t agree with me. They don’t understand why I go to my baby every time he cries. I have a high maintenance baby who needs to be near me a lot. I can’t do anything almost every day, but hold him and try different things to keep him happy. No one understand that I don’t have time for much else. But I don’t think leaving him to scream is a good thing at all. I feel it is neglect for me to do that, I know he isn’t playing a game on me yet. This is the one that really bothers me, when anyone thinks that I am spoiling him and could just let him cry, so I can lead a normal life again. I don’t get that.

How do I stop them from questioning what I do with my baby? I NEVER wondered what my sister does with her kids. ever. What do I need with that information? Other than if I ask for advice about what she DID with her kids when they were this young. What does my mother in law need with the knowledge of what my son eats, when he eats, where he sleeps…ect….

The Expert answers:

You are doing exactly what is best for your baby. The AAP and World Health Organization both recommend breastfeeding for a minimum of two years. If your family asks why you are still nursing, you can politely tell them that information. Weaning is something that needs to be in the best interest of both mom and baby, and allowing the baby to self wean is not wrong! It’s nature.

Also, there are several studies to show that co-sleeping is much safer and allows a more attached, secure relationship between mom/baby. It’s so much easier for nursing in the night time, and if you are happy, so is your baby.

It’s hard to explain to people when you do things a little differently but you know why you do it and the facts back you up. Don’t sweat it, you’re doing a great job!

Helen asks…

im looking for a game to play were u can be taking care of a baby?

i want a game were u can kind of be like a mother online. were u can watch the kids change the kids desighn the house have a boyfriend and more. please help me!!! kid of like the sims but i dont want to register or play for or download anything.
Help its ergent

The Expert answers:

Get a nintendo ds and buy imaginge baby

Ken asks…

FUN Ideas for a Co-ED Baby shower!?

I will be in charge of ‘gamesfor an upcoming baby shower. This will be my friends 1st baby– and through adoption. So grandparents will be taking care of the kids and adults will get to have some fun. We’ll have the grill going for the guys, but I am needing some ideas on some games for ALL to participate in and enjoy. I plan on getting prizes that will be liked by all. thanks!

The Expert answers:

Hello, I hope all of you have fun at the baby shower. Here are some ideas that you can do!

First, you should pass out baby pacifiers to each guest that will participate in the games! But the fun thing is that you will be making the pacifiers your self and if you are having people help you, then you and them will have fun! What you do is buy lifesavers…the candy…jelly beans…and you will also need a hot glue gun or frosting to act like glue. What you will need to do is glue or frost two live savers and then put the jellybean on top so that it looks like a pacifier!
Here is what I mean!:
If you want to make like a neclace out of them, the just tie a string (a decorative string) on one end of the life saver.

Now, here are some ideas for some games.
You can get like a baby doll and then you can pass it around and have everyone kiss it. When everyone is done kissing it, they have to get up and kiss the mother in the place that they kissed the doll! So lets say that a guest kissed the doll in the elbow, then she will have to get up and kiss the mom in the elbow!

Another game is that you pass around a “secret”. The object of the game is to “tell” some one a secret and they have to pass it around! Ok, so here is how you do it! There is a row of people right…so you start off by getting close to the personns ear, and then biting theyr ear…then every one else will be curious and will want to know the “secret”…so it goes around…but make sure that the people that got biten, dont say what the secret is…so the secret is the “bite” in the ear! And its funny because they scream and act surprised!!!

Here is another game!:
get like little pieces of paper and write something that a baby would do …for example in a piece you would write…cry! Because a baby cries…so write all sorts of stuff that a baby does and go around in a hat with the little folded pieces and make sure that every one gets one! So when they open it they have to do what the paper says in fron of the mom and in front of every one so they can see! Ok, so lets say that i get the paper that says “crawl” so i go to the middle and start crawling…here is what you can put on the pieces of paper…cry, crawl, laugh, drool, learn to take first steps, say mami, and all the things that you can think of.

This last idea is for the end. If the guests bring gifts, then here is a fun way to open them! You will need lipstick and..thats it…so the object is for the mom or dad to feel on the gift and try to guess what it is…if they guess, then they paint the person who brought that gift with the lipstick in any part of their body,,,the face…shoulders…where ever you want! Now if the mom or the dad dont guess what another gift is…then the person who brought the gift paints the mom or dad(their choice) with the lipstick in any part!!! Ok…lets say that i bring a set of sheets in a gift bag, so they feel on it and if they get it wrong, then i paint them!!!

This is all of i have…i really hope that you and every one has fun!!!

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