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Ruth asks…

Where can I buy a cheap car seat and pram for a large doll?

I bought my daughter one of these really realistic looking ‘reborn’ baby dolls for her birthday, and she now wants a pram and car seat to take the baby out for walks. The problem is that the baby is 20 inches long, bigger than most dolls, and won’t fit in any of the doll’s car seats/prams I have found online or in shops. Does anyone know where I can buy either a very cheap pram and car seat designed for real babies, or a large one designed for dolls? I can’t afford to buy a real baby pram, they cost hundreds of pounds! I live in the UK, by the way. If you could post a link or product name, that’s be great. Thanks for reading/answering. X

The Expert answers:

Try or local papers For Sale ads.

John asks…

i have a baby rat and its a boy!! should have been a girl!! help?!?!?

iv always kept rats, recently i lost one of my females leaving my 5 month old female on her own, i went to a breeder and got 2 more females, iv had them 2 days.. and now one of them is a boy…. !! i have no idea how old they are but im guessing around 3 weeks judging by the pictures iv examined online… however.. now i cant send it back as i rang the ‘breeder’ to ask to swap for a female and he has said they have all gone, and i can swap for the next litter… so i think im going to have the male castrated… in the mean time… i need to be careful.. i do not want to breed,
how old are rats able to produce babies ? how old are they likely to try and mate? how old does he need to be to be castrated and how much does this cost roughly in the uk ?
any information would be greatly appreciated, my older female is still in her own cage, the brother and sister are together in another cage, im havin a dilemma here 🙁 i kind of wish id just gone to a pet shop and got a couple there , at least they would have been about 6 weeks old .
anyway … any advice would be greatly appreciated!
iv researched castration and as long as he is taken to an exotic vet its fine and perfectly straight forward operation, my best friend is a vet who specialises in small animals just at that point i ouldnt get in touch with her, its sorted and she has advised me where to go, for the minute i have seperated them, it would seem they are about 4 weeks old, i wont be going to the breeder again to be honest.
i think there purpose was snake food as apposed to pets…
thanks for the advice though !

The Expert answers:

They can start breeding at about 6 weeks and on so I would seperate them as soon as possible if you are going to give him back they are going to get attached and if they breed since they are siblings there will be health concerns and deformities if they mate. You need to get a seperate cage for the male in a couple weeks and put the female with the other female.

James asks…

bump support bands?

im 28wks with my 3rd baby, im hardly showing but my bump feels so heavy and i get backache often. Will a support band help me in any way? Im also carryin quite low. My midwife said thats normal for a 3rd baby. If it will help, are there any uk shops that sell them? Or will i have to buy online? Thanks 4 helpin!

The Expert answers:

Hi, I’m, 24 weeks and have started getting pelvic pain. I have found that the Mothercare support band is great – about five inches wide, with a little jersey ‘pouch’ that sits over your bump. It is £10 in store, pretty cheap.
Support briefs are great (if not sexy!). They have a light band built in and then the over-bump bit as well.
Both the band and pants are discreet enough to wear under normal clothes, and don’t get uncomfortable when you move around or sit down.
I did try the Belly Bra, but found it was impossible as it was made from such slippery material it just made my trousers fall down constantly! Might just be me though, as other people seem to like it.

Sandra asks…

Debit cards visa electron where can i get one?


I shop online a lot!!!!! I have just been to book flights with bmi baby and if i pay with visa electron i only have to pay the normal amount for the flights if i pay with maestro or switch i have to pay an extra £19 and with credit card i have to pay another £24, i think that this is a rip off as normally if you pay with switch which comes directly out of your bank you just pay for whatever it is and no supplement.Does anyone know of a bank that issues visa electron cards in the UK????


The Expert answers:

I got one from Halifax

just go into any branch. And fill in the forms there and then

Charles asks…

Help Please??

Does anyone know where i can get cheap Good pink (prefably {sp} baby pink) suitcases at least 25 inches big and no bigger than 30 inches. I Live in the UK It doesnt matter online or in shops but has to be in UK.



The Expert answers:

Hi, I got mine from TK Maxx, quite expensive though as they aren’t made by a UK company, but they are lush! I got a big one up to above my thigh, its massive (bag not my leg!!) and another smaller one, you know like with the “flight attendant” handle things, not like old man suitcases.
I’d say if you can’t find one you like in TK Maxx you have to be insane, even if they don’t have one in you like one week, the next week they will, always getting new orders. I hate the clothes from there but I love the home stores!!

Ps. They are that hard plastic casing, not fabric, although I’m sure in TK Maxx they would do them

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