Your Questions About Baby Care

Helen asks…

Baby shopping list???

My Girlfriend Is 16 years old and I am 17 years old and We have a 3 year old and a baby that is 4 months old. We found out we are going to have twins. Back when we were 13 years old we did stupid stuff. We live with my parents my 6 younger sisters. We have taken parenting classes. I work a full time job and a part time job. I just finish high school in December. I took a test and passed it. It let me graduate earlier. I started taking online classes. She is in school but right now she has tutors coming to our house. So she can stay home.
My parents are supportive they love me my girl friend and there grandchildren. To be honest being a father has made me a better person. I am taking care of my kids and girlfriend. I have insurance for my kids and my girlfriend and I feed them.
I am nervous and I am happy about having twins. I love being a dad. I know I can afford another it. I don’t waste money.
My girlfriend loves being a mom I love being a dad. She is a good mom. My GF is excited about having twins. I am excited do. Our kids are healthy. We put our kids needs first. I am taking care of my kids they are happy and healthy. We love being parents. Yes we are young.
We did have a baby shower. Instead of people buying stuff for us we told them to give us money. Right now my parents, my 6 younger sisters, My girl friend, my 2 children and I are in a hotel. We been in a hotel for 3 months. My parents were building a house and It got delayed. Tomorrow it will be finished. It is a big house So we are

Also tomorrow My girl friend and I are going to the store and buy baby stuff, So we are going to by extra stuff. We do not get any help for the government or my parents. It is my job to get stuff for my kids.

Here is our list. My girl friend made it. I know it is a lot.

10 packs of newborn diapers,
3 diaper bags,
5 diaper pails
30 containers of baby wipes,
30 bottles of diaper rash ointment,
30 bottles baby powder
100 baby bottles
2 bottle dry rack
4 swing
2 bouncer
2 sling
2 soft carrier
2 stroller
2 high chairs
6 infant car seat ( 2 for each car)
2 exerciser
4 changing table
40 door knob locks
100 soft corner protectors
100 electrical outlet covers
40 baby gates
15 baby monitors
10 pacifiers
20 baby blankets
4 crib mattress,
8 crib sheets,
? bumpers
4 bassinet,
4 cribs
4 play pens
1 play yard.
10 baby hooded towels,
1000 washcloths
100 bibs
2 Plastic Spill mats for around highchair.
10 Plastic bowls
10 Plastic sip cups
10 Rubber tipped baby spoons
Toilet seat latches_
Stove & Oven guards_
30 Cabinet & drawer latches
Baby Tub_
Tub seat (when baby outgrows baby tub)_
Slip resistant bath tub mats_
Tub spout cover

lots and lots of
sleepwear, wearable blanket sleeper
daytime outfits
baby hat
one piece outfits, undershirts
jacket, sweater
soft shoes & socks
Receiving blankets

Do I need anything else. I want to get anything that I will need for awhile tomorrow. I have the money for it.

Anything else?

The Expert answers:

Well you sound very accomplished in your life so far even though you are young. You should be proud of yourself.

But why do you need 4 bassinets and cribs???
I also think that 15 baby monitors might be TOO many as well.
Get baby hangers…..probably stock up on the next couple sizes of diapers as well that a way you’ll have them when you need them.
I think you should probably get more of those spoons and sippy cups
plus I also dont think that you need 4 changing tables b/c you only have 3 babies and it’s not like you’ll be necessarily be changing each and everyone of them at the same time you know?
Get baby lotion and shampoo as well. Probably little baby towels would be handy.
Playpens and playyards are the same thing….I also don’t really think that you’ll need that many either. Why dont you look up the playpen that they have on Babysrus and it comes with twins bassinets on top…Very good ratings on it and it will save you money.

Ken asks…

Should I stay home or go?

In my area the theater holds a “reel babies” where mothers and babies go to watch movies. Quoted from the website: “We keep the lights on dim, and lower the volume so you can watch the film while caring for your little one. Each Reel Babies auditorium is equipped with a change table, bottle warmer, play mat, exersaucer and baby swing so you can attend to your baby without missing that crucial kiss, diss, or explosion.”

My daughter is nearly 5 weeks old, and I haven’t left the house yet. I’m breastfeeding so I’m a little worried about doing so in public, but I’ll just cover up to be discrete not make anyone uncomfortable. After talking with a few of the mommies who will be going, my daughter is the youngest. It sounds fun, but I’m not sure if it’s too early or not.. What do you think?

The Expert answers:

Your daughter will probably be the easiest to take to the movies at 5 weeks! Mine would sleep through movies until around 6 months. You should go! It feels good to feel human again!

Carol asks…

Currently 35 weeks, what were you doing at this point?

I’ve gotten everything together that I can possibly think of.

– My bag packed
Baby‘s bag packed containing:
Multiple outfits
Diaper cream
“Singles” packets of formula (in case of breastfeeding complications)
– Crib together
– Rocker, lamp
– Changing table loaded with diapers, wipes, ointments, etc
– Tons of clothes in many sizes, all washed and ready to use
– Car seat (and stroller!)
– Pack ‘n play
– Swing and bouncer
Play mat
– Pacifiers
– Bottles, bottle washer brush

I’m trying to be as prepared as possible, I know that I am going to be able to go to the store or do laundry after he is here but I don’t want to have to worry about anything other than taking care of my baby.

Any suggestions on what you wish you would’ve done before your little one arrived? Or any good ideas that as a fellow member of the pregnant lady club you’d like to share?

All is appreciated 🙂

The Expert answers:

I wish i had gotten my hair professionally done before i had baby because my hair looks horrible in the photos lol but other than that i had everything done

Mark asks…

My friend is pregnant with her first and I’m helping her make a list for her registry?

I have already given her a bouncy seat and a play mat. I will also be giving her a crib and a swing.

Here is the list I made, I want to know if I’ve missed anything.
Crib mattress
Dresser/changing table
Crib bedding set, mobile, etc
Bath tub
Car seat
Play pen
Care kit
Diapers & wipes
Diaper bag
Burp cloths
Bottles or breast pump (whichever she decides to do)
Gas drops
Infant tylenol
Shampoo, soap, lotion etc
Triple paste for diaper rashes
Onesies-long and short sleeved
Hooded towels and washcloths

I’ve never had a baby shower for my three boys, so I just want to make sure she gets everything that she needs. So am I missing anything?
not sure why people are giving thumbs downs to some of your answers, but thanks guys for all your help!

The Expert answers:

If she breast feeds she will want to get breast cream and pads for her own comfort… Maybe a bottle and/or toy sterilizer to may life a little easier on her.. Boopy pillow.. Bottle drying rack.. Humidifier.. High chair.. Base for her car seat if it does not come with one..
Good luck..

Thomas asks…

I accidentally dropped my baby as I tripped. Has this happened to anyone else?

I just dropped my baby outside his daycare today morning.. and I cant stop thinking and feeling horrible about it. I’m thinking about how I could have done things different. I guess I just want to talk about it .. hear if anyone else had had a similar experience… I dont know ! I was holding my 21 month old as I was walking upto the entrance of his daycare .. when I tripped .. and my hands let go and my baby fell on his back as I fell flat on the ground myself. I have always worried about smthg like tht happening…becoz I can be clumsy at times.. but thot maybe it wont.. that my mothers instinct will make me twist or do smthg that wud let me take the hurt and shield my baby from it. But that did not happen. Could I have done smthg different ? Arent my mother’s instincts good enough ? My baby is ok.. I hope. He cried for like 5 mins. I held him close to me .. felt for bumps..chkd for any bleeding. Then he stopped crying and started smiling and wanted to play. He is still at the day care.. have asked his teachers to watch him and call me if he gets even a little fussy. I’m watching him frm my work… they have a webcam at his daycare. He seems ok. But the incident has shaken me. I think he fell on the mat on the floor .. so he may have been ok. It was a concrete floor outside.. I really hope he fell on the mat. For some reason I remember him on the mat. Oh Gosh ! I just hope this doesnt happen again. I think I’m not going to hold my baby and walk outside the house again ! Oooohhhh !!!!!

The Expert answers:

My son wasn’t even 5 days old when I dropped him for the first time. I didn’t realize the hem on my housecoat had let go and as I was walking him back and forth my toe got caught in it, I went down on my knees and the pain caused my arms to relax and he rolled out of them onto the floor! (He was c-sectioned so when I hit the floor it pulled/jarred the stitches).

Of course I felt aweful, and when I was done crying from the pain, I cried from the guilt and shame and fussed over him and almost took him to the hospital. He never even cried.

Then the first bath I gave him, I bonked his head on the cupboards above the counter where I had set his tub and smashed his head into a shampoo bottle as I was trying to lay him back down.

The second time I clipped his fingernails his thumb jerked just as I cut it and I nipped the skin and he bled. I begged hubby to take us to the hospital before he bled to death. Thankfully hubby had a better head on him than me and just told me to hold a kleenex around it for a few minutes until it stopped.

Then there was the day that I dropped him flat on his face from the couch at about 18 months old. I thought he had his feet flat on the floor, no they were tucked under my legs that were crossed so when I let go of him, he fell over like a log. His nose was literally flatter than before. He cried for about two minutes and then was off and running playing and laughing. Meanwhile I was fantasizing about what the trophy for worst mother of the year award would look like!

He has also surfed down 4 concrete steps on a baby gate because I was out of arms reach when he ran for it. He has sommersaulted off the bed and the couch several times. I can’t count how many things he has run into, falled over or fell off of anymore. I’ve stopped being so concerned, we’ve only had to glue his chin together once when he banged it in the tub, and that wasn’t even a fall, he was told to sit down and he did, he just didn’t move his head back far enough and caught his chin on the edge. Split it wide open – that time hubby took him to the hospital.

Relax, your baby is fine, he’s going to do things a lot worse than just fall out of your arms by accident and still be fine. Come back when you have the stories like my MIL of having the firefighters have to unwrap her sons fingers from the egg beaters because he wanted to taste the batter while they were still running. Or having to take your son to the ER with a lawn chair nail gunned to his butt. Or when your son is 10 and has to go get his 2 front teeth reset in his mouth because he crashed his bike trying to jump a ditch and hit the concrete curb. Kids are resilient and most babies bounce!

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