Your Questions About Baby Care

Donna asks…

A good website for free samples of baby stuff?

i always find websites that end up being duds

The Expert answers:

Look at the websites from the actual manufacturers (similac, huggies, pampers,enfamil etc.) most have clubs you can sign up for for free and they will send you coupons and samples. So far I have recieved 6 free cans of formula and a free pack of diapers by doing this.

Lisa asks…

Where can you get free baby stuff? Like samples…?

Not websites like where you have to subscribe to 200 things to get 1 free diaper!

The Expert answers:

If you want free samples, I would check for it. They are great because they are updated daily and all of their offers are “catch free”, that means no long surveys, no pay offers. They also have a e-mailing list where they send you the free samples listed on their site. I use that so I get them in my email (but IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO GET THE FREE SAMPLES). Their descriptions are pretty funny too! If you are looking for a specific type of free sample, there is a categories list and a search bar right above categories so that you can do searches.

Checkout the enfamil ad under the third post… That one is GREAT!
Oh yes if you are from Canada you might like:

If you are from the UK you might want:

Maria asks…

Where can i find free baby samples?

Where can I find free baby samples like bibs, wipes, diapers, etc just baby stuff. Where i dont have to sign up for something I dont want to to get to it. Anyone know?

The Expert answers:

My doctor sent in the paper for me and they mail me free samples of diapers and emfamil(sp) not forsure what it was but I think it came out or a magazine!

Hope this helps GOPD Bless!

Steven asks…

can you recommend any good and safe sites for free samples for baby stuff?

please dont just say type free samples in search engine i’d like to know what ones are safe to use & great for service thank you

The Expert answers:

Http:// have loads of offers on, i’ve got lots of free stuff through them & you just go to the sites you want to (with no annoying popups constantly bursting out at you)

eta. Just checked and there are some on there –
(and you don’t have to register if you don’t want to)

Paul asks…

does anyone know where i can get free samples of baby stuff?

The Expert answers:
almost any pregnancy website will have links to free baby sample sites, just type pregnancy into your search engine.

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