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Richard asks…

What types of toys does a 9 month old play with?

i want to go shopping for a 9 month old baby girl.. what would be some good gifts to buy?

The Expert answers:

I nanny for a 3 year old and a 9 month baby girl and note she plays more with the every day things, wooden spoons, does alot of singing, plays with her spoon at lunchtime etc.
Some good toys for her now and when she develops more would be things like musical instruments – little bells are always a good choice! Some shape sorters or stacking cups are good too, things like pop up toys are fun now that they are old enough to show some real emotion and repeat things constantly! Books with touchy feely bits or material books can be good or anything they can chew as they are teething!
Something little always interests her, things like playing with the odd bit of this and that so there isnt much she needs at this age but think about nice musical or toys which ‘do’ things rather than a cuddly stuffed rabbit!
You can always ask a help advisor too.
My tip is to look at the age range stated, ask an advisor or here is a list of top 5 in my opinion with a little research:

1. Shape sorter – shape sorter wooden bus is nice, if you live in UK?
2.musical instruments or a singing book – v tech do a nice one
3.stacking toys/cups/blocks
4.tea set – possibly the most used toy right up to when they are older
5.wooden blocks or the ‘walker’ to push them in
have fun!!!

Lisa asks…

What should I use to disinfect my baby boy’s toys?

My son is sick with a viral infection. Snot all over the place. My poor baby boy! I need to know what is safe for me to clean his plush and hard surface toys. He is 9 months, so he has the toys in is mouth constantly. Thank you in advance for your answers.

The Expert answers:

Wash soft toys with hot water in the washer. Hard plastic toys can usually be boiled or you can use a diluted solution of vinegar and water. DON’T spray that horrible Lysol spray all over his toys!!!! You wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve seen do that. If you have it, you could also use a Bio-Green cleaner, they’re non-toxic and biodegradeable (which is good for the environment).

And relax, remember, he can’t get the same virus twice. So even if he puts those toys in his mouth, he won’t get sick again (although another child could).

Betty asks…

my baby is 9 months old ,she is not able to sit alone?

the other things ( responding,crawling,tumbling fastly ,roaming hear and there ,catching the toys with hands and legs etc.)are very fast except this .i am worried about this a lot.the weight when she was born is 2.5 kgs and at present she is 6.75kgs.

The Expert answers:

My son was 9 months old when he sat alone for the first time. He rolled over at 3 months, crawled at 5 months but sitting with no support took a long time for him to learn. He learned to walk independently at 10 months old. He was sitting alone for just 1 month before he was walking on his own!

My other son also sat alone at 9 months and walked at 10 months old. He rolled over at 3 months and crawled at 7 months.

As long as the other developmental motor skills are OK then I wouldn’t worry about it. Some babies take a long time learning one particular skill. If she is anything like my children then she’ll likely walk alone soon after she sits alone.

Michael asks…

What kind of toys are good for a 9 month old little girl?

My daughter is growing out of her baby toys. I want to buy her some new toys that are a little more challenging for her, something to get her mind working. I figured blocks are good but I could use some suggestions. Links would be good and/or the name of the toy. Thanks! 🙂

The Expert answers:

I agree with the push and ride toy but also a table they can pull themselves up with and play with. Peek a blocks are another fun one, as well as shape sorters, toys that move that they can follow while crawling. My daughter also loves the Leap frog drum, and basketball hoop.

David asks…

What can I buy a baby boy of 9 months for xmas this year…?

I have £30 to spend on him, shall I get a bunch of clothes or just 1 good item like a toy or a little toy and some clothes – and what toy???Ideas and bargain ideas please.

The Expert answers:

This is totally the best gift ever for a child of 9 months, no matter whether they are a boy or a girl!


My daughter has one of these and she’s four and still plays with it! Every time friends come round to play, from the age of six months upwards, they make a beeline for it! It’s great fun, helps with coordination and really entertaining for kids. It also falls within your budget and leaves some left over so you can choose some toys too!

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