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James asks…

How hard is babysitting a ten month old?

I’m babysitting a ten month old boy today, and I’ve been like a mother’s helper for babies (I’m 13) but this is my first time actually babysitting a littler baby. Any tips?

The Expert answers:

They move around a lot. Make sure you ask the mom about food and snacks and nap time. Also ask what kind of videos they can watch. Just make sure you always keep an eye on him. Do not let them out of your site.

Have fun with him!
Good luck.

Thomas asks…

Does babysitting younger siblings count as work experience on a resume?

Yes, I got paid for babysitting.
I am 18 and have no prior work or volunteer experience besides the babysitting of my two younger siblings.

The Expert answers:

I think if you have no other job experience, you should. I baby sat my siblings all the time. So when I applied for a job at 16, I put it down under previous work history. I put my parents name as employer. When they interviewed me they asked the typical previous employment questions. What were my duties while baby sitting. What I liked most about baby sitting.

Maria asks…

How can I start a babysitting business here in the Philippines?

here in the Philippines, babysitting isn’t evolved around here. Yet I still want to do babysitting. Any ideas how to start getting the pay without much publicity and money on adverts? I really need money so badly. Or you could just give good replacement.

The Expert answers:

With a minimal investment, you could print some leaflets and post them in public places, such as school bulletin boards, public laundries, and similar locations. You could also ask small local stores to post your notices in their window.

Baby sitting may not be well evolved in your area because people rely on friends and relatives. If there are businesses that hire both men and women, you may approach them about distributing your leaflet among employees. There may be people who really want your service, but you have to let them know. You can also simply talk to friends, neighbors, and family members. Best of luck.

Lizzie asks…

Do you have to include babysitting income on a tax return?

My wife did some on and off babysitting for a local mother. Total income might be around $800 – $1000, but I am not sure and the lady didn’t do any type of W2. Now the lady wants to write off money paid for babysitting, but I didn’t include it in my return.

The Expert answers:

Your spouse would have to give her SSN, name, and address to the mother, and a written statement as to how much money was paid. Figure out how much was paid, don’t let the mother figure it out or you may find yourself owing more tax if the mother overstates the amount paid on her return.

Then, you’ll have to amend your return and add the income, using a Schedule C. If the children were in your home, then you may have additional deductions for the use of your home.

With this amount of income, hopefully you can get the net profit down below $400 and owe no Social Security or Medicare taxes.

Donna asks…

How much is acceptable to charge for babysitting?

I’m a 20 year old college student with a lot of experience with children any age. I have very plenty of good references. The last family I babysat for I charged $10 an hour and I babysat them for about 10 months. Unfortunately with my school schedule and their schedule I will only be babysitting on an as needed basis. Now that I’m looking for a new babysitting job what would be an acceptable amount for me to charge for babysitting?

The Expert answers:

I think it depends on how many hours you will be staying. Set your per hour rate, at say, $10/hr. If babysitting for only a short time on a non-regular basis, charge more and if babysitting on a regular basis for longer periods of time, charge less.

Kids…. Gotta wuv em!

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