Your Questions About Baby Care

Charles asks…

I have to buy present for a newborn baby boy?

But want to be something different and memorable. Not clothes, tedy bear and etc

The Expert answers:

Baseball glove, a football, a soccer ball, something like that… Or get him a cool infant ball cap.

Get him an awesome toy…like an infant guitar

or baby camping equipment.

Get him something designed for a baby that your into.. Something that a lot of guys like….

Thomas asks…

How to keep my newborn baby boy warm during the winter months ?

I have a two month old son, and I currently do not own a vehicle. I have not had to resort to public transportation, but just in case when or if that time does come …what should I do to make sure my little one stays warm. I don’t want to be over-load him with clothing &&ii don’t want to dress him too light …any suggestions???

The Expert answers:

Get a wrap or sling and wear him…..this will keep him warm on your body, ppl won’t get touchy and grabby with him and you will be able to avoid all the hoopla of carting around a big ol’ stroller and or car seat.

Do a search engine on baby wearing and check out your options……..I personally love wrap styles but there are many choices.

Linda asks…

what clothes to buy for a 5 pounder baby boy?please help im going shopping soon?

my friends baby weighed 5 pound 11 ounces
does he need preemie clothes
if so when will he be able to fit into newborn clothes
and will he be in newborn clothes till hes 3 months old
when can he wear 0-3 months?

The Expert answers:

Each brand can be different. On the tag by the price, it should say 0-3 months, 8-15 lbs, 20-22 inches, or whatever the actual measurements are. Gerber tends to run shorter. My son is almost 2 months and doesn’t fit into the 0-3 months because he is too tall, but they still fit him weight wise. I would suggest you know the weight and length then pick out stuff and read the tags to see if they would hit her baby or not. They also grow so fast that having clothes of all sizes isn’t a bad thing so buy a few bigger things too.

Steven asks…

5 months pregnant, how long will my son need newborn clothes and dipers?

I became a single mother at only 18 yrs of age and now I am 5 months pregnant my son will turn 10 two weeks before the birth of my baby boy… How long do babies wear newborn clothes and dipers? 2 wks? 3 wks? a month? i dont know and i dont wanna buy to much newborn clothes and dipers…

The Expert answers:

Not long!… Don’t stock up on NB Diapers! My daughter was only 7lbs 1oz when born and we only went through 2 pack of NB… Then to size one.She’s 8 weeks now and she wears anywhere from NB to 6 month clothes! Sizes really vary from piece to piece… Just get what you need anyway they grow out of them so fast!

Michael asks…

does anyone know where i can buy brand name newborn baby shoes?

i am having trouble finding cute brand name shoes for my newborn baby boy can anyone tell me any good stores
i also need a good place to buy baby clothes
not too expensive

The Expert answers:

Babies don’t need shoes. It’s actually better for their foot development if they don’t wear them.

If you want something on his feet in the meantime, try soft bootie-type shoes, like Bobux or Robeez.

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