Your Questions About Baby Care

Sharon asks…

Why would Christians support premature baby care?

I heard some Christians support premature babies intensive care units? Why would they since babies go to heaven.

The Expert answers:

I’ve never understood why they would be against a free pass to Heaven.

Instead they want the infant to suffer and have high chances of rotting in Hell for eternity. Lovely folks these ones are.

This is regarding abortion.

Steven asks…

At what age did you stop using the tick alarm on your angel care baby monitor?

I have been using the angel care monitor with the tick alarm. Its a sensor to monitor the baby‘s breathing. My baby is now 6 months old and is starting to move all around her crib and when she gets in a corner the monitor doesn’t pick up her movement and the alarm goes off. I am considering if i want to stop using it but I am scared of SIDS…

The Expert answers:

Most SIDS cases occur before the baby is 4 months old, after 6 months they’re “out of the woods”, then after 12 months they’re okay. It’s up to you, 6 months seems like the reasonable time to stop using it, but I can totally understand your concern – you’re a mum and you worry like every other one of us.

Whenever you choose to stop using it, you’ll wake up every 2 hours and listen to hear them breathing – like me! Lol.

George asks…

have you had a baby in a special care unit?

Ive just applied as a ward aide within a special baby care unit in my local hospital. Ive never worked in a hospital before and would like to hear of others experiences working in one, generally and specifically with babies/children. Do you find it rewarding? what is it like etc. If you have had a baby in such a unit, how did you find the staff? were they invaluable to you?

The Expert answers:

No. When you said Special Care unite i thought you meant like from Law & Order.

Mark asks…

Sarting a baby skin care line. What legal actions do I need to take?

What kind of legal steps and licensing do I need To Make and Sell Home Made Soaps?I am starting my own natural baby skin care line and am wondering if someone can help me out with what I need to do as far as licenses, Patents, Trademark?, etc to make sure I am doing everything legal and no one copies my brand. I will be making them at home myself. Does the FDA have any thing to do with this or the health department?

The Expert answers:

You probably need $1,000,000 or more of product liability insurance — esp to sell to any chain stores. I’m guessing this could cost you $1500 a year — but that is a real guess. And you need to be a business — a sole prop or a subchapter S corp are your most likely choices — depends on your finances.

Things like soap are really hard to copyright or trademark unless you have something really revolutionary. And you must be ready to spend a LOT to defend these protections — otherwise you are probably best not bothering. Good luck.

Ruth asks…

How much of the housework/baby care is the working spouse suppose to do?

When we decided to have our first baby, we decided that I would work, and my partner would stay home with the baby and keep the house clean. I don’t feel like I should have to clean, if I work all day, and have the sole burden of making all the money. It’s really stressful, and I get no help with anything. I hired a nanny to help but still Partner does nothing. How much am I suppose to do?

The Expert answers:

Sorry buddy but its a 50/50 thing…. I help the old lady with the kids cleaning etc… She makes the food and i clean up to help out… Watch the kids to give her a brake etc…
Most girls now and days cant or refuse to do the super mom/wife role….
Its on you and her to decide how y’all want to define yalls relation ship, and if i were you i would fire the nanny… You are spoiling her!

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