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Linda asks…

Does anybody know where I can find the blouse that Stacey Slater was wearing last week when Jean took the baby?

If you look on the BBC iPlayer and look at the clip photo that they have used for the omnibus episode she is wearing it – a blue floral blouse or top

I’ve been searching everywhere for it! If anybody could tell me where it is from or guide me to something similar in the shops or online at the moment, I would be really grateful. Thanks.

The Expert answers:

You can try this , good luck

Ken asks…

Where can I buy modern glam/sleaze rock clothes?

Like what Vains of Jenna and Backyard Babies wear, not so much the Motley Crue era.

I live in the UK and would rather shop online if it’s possible.

Oh, and I’m a guy… so no skirts and stuff =)

The Expert answers:

Lots of modern uptakes on Glam Rock platform boots from New Rock – although some cross over to grunge!

Nancy asks…

1st Christmas as Man & Wife Card?

It’s our first married christmas together this year. We’re not going over the top on prezzies as we’re saving to have a baby in the new year.

Does anyone know where I can get a christmas card from which says something along the lines of ‘our first christmas together as man and wife’. I’m from UK so would prefer UK stores, but can shop online if its the right card 🙂 In particular I want a sentimental/verse card.

I know its early, but if I cant get one, it’ll give me time to have one made.

Thanks everyone 🙂

The Expert answers:

You might be able to pick 1 up in store, clintons or birthdays etc. But if you want it to be personel why dont you design and make your own on or

William asks…

Quadruplet clothes??

I’m looking for some cheap places to go for baby clothes…i don’t mind if they’re in multipacks or anything like that but it’s gonna be pretty expensive wen the quads come along…anyone got any ideas? (shops in the UK or online websites)

The Expert answers:

Those huge bundles of baby clothes on Ebay are good and you can look at the pics before you buy. Primark are good for sleepsuits and vests as are asda and tesco are brill, they have permanent sales on

Laura asks…

retailer in Scotland for baby shocks (socks with a rubber sole)?

does anyone know of a retailer in scotland that stocks baby shocks (click on the link below and u will c what im talking about) they are like a sock but have a rubber sole.

ive been trying desperatly to get a pair for my daughter, i need to find the shop as i dont have a credit/debit card to order online.

anyones help would be very much appreciated


The Expert answers:

The shop jojomamanbebe sells them, and they have a few stores around the UK, however you may have to travel quite far to find a store.


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