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Donald asks…

Really cute baby store (Slings, Bedding, Cribs, Toys)?

Hello everyone!!
I wanted to share this baby store with you. It’s my brother and his wife’s shop, and they sell some very cute merchadise.

I bought this Sassy Bedding Set and I love it!
What do you all think?

And I have a question about this baby sling,
Has anyone tried this sling? Did it work good? I’m thinking about buying it for my pregnant friend but would like some reviews first.

Thanks for reading!

The Expert answers:

I strongly (multiply this by ten times!) recommend a RING SLING – there are tons out there but the advantage to the ring sling is that you can adjust the size. The problem with the fitted sized slings is that the baby grows, and the mother’s shape changes as well – and sometimes other people are caring for baby, and if baby is the type that really needs the sling to calm down or fall asleep, they can’t really do that with a fitted sling. I have used several ring slings and fitted slings, and by far prefer the ring slings – particularly the ones called Maya Wrap. They are expensive, I will admit that, but they are worth every single penny and more. We use ours every single day, many times a day, and our babies have loved it. My daughter still liked being in her sling when she was 2.5 and over 30lbs! Another advantage to the ring slings. A sized sling won’t be able to hold a bigger baby, or be a comfortable fit for mom when she starts to shed her baby weight. Or dad, if he wants to try it out.

Paul asks…

Where did you get your baby furniture?

I’ve been browsing various websites for baby furniture (not pregnant yet but hopefully soon). The reviews on some of the produtcs are helpful, but limited.

Where did you buy your furniture (crib, changing table, accessories, etc)? were there things you wish you had done differently, or wish you had known ahead of time? Things you shouldn’t have wasted money on? Absolute nursery essentials?

I hate to spend too much on a furniture they’ll quickly outgrow, but obviously want good quality pieces.


The Expert answers:

We had our crib and changing table given to us by my mom. We use the changing table for a dresser since it’s easier for me to just change him on the floor. I’m kinda short and it’s just awkward for me. We bought the bouncy seat, swing, and everything else at either Wal-Mart or Target. I wish we wouldn’t have wasted the money on a Diaper Genie. They are worthless and stink. I wish we would’ve gotten a swing that can be plugged into the wall. The battery powered one we have drains batteries so often and really doesn’t swing well. Make sure you have lots of crib sheets. We were glad we bought lots of socks and bibs. Buy a little mesh bag to keep all the little stuff in (like socks) so you don’t lose them to the Washer God. The bassinett was pretty much not used at all and now has toys in it til we put it in storage. You can get good stuff out of the newspaper too.

Chris asks…

From personal experience,can you recommend a SAFE toy that encourages a baby in standing up and walking ?

My baby is nine months old and can pull herself to a standing position if she grabs on to something like the bars on the crib. She will also take steps if you let her hold both of your hands out in front of her and walk behind her. So far the only toy I’ve found that encourages her in standing is the LeapFrog Leap Start Learning Table. You can see it at

That toy has been great for her
I have looked at baby toy reviews like Epinions but a lot of times the reviews are just so perfectly written and over the top positive that it makes me think it was put there by the toy company to sell the toys.
I appreciate any recommendations for a SAFE toy that encourages a baby in standing up and walking. THANK YOU!!
Additional Note : i didn’t want anyone to think I was trying to rush my baby along into walking. She is just so interested in standing and trying to walk that I want to support and encourage her.

Thanks to all who have posted so far. Please keep the suggestions coming!!

The Expert answers:

Both my children delighted and advanced well with the use of a “Jolly Jumper” This is a device that the baby is strapped comfortably into. They then hang on a big spring that can be hung in a doorway or somewhere similar. Setting them at the right height enables them to spring and jump around which brings them a lot of satisfaction as they learn to turn themselves around with it… Not something to leave them in all day, but it also allows the parent to do a few things while the baby entertains itself happily. I believe it assisted their development in standing and walking as it strengthened their muscles without overdoing things too much.
Don’t be in too much hurry to advance your child’s development as they are not small for very long. An interesting fact is that children develop a lot of their skills in relation to other things they do. I was informed once by a teacher of remedial classes for children that children who didn’t crawl very much as babies became bad readers.

George asks…

How old do you usually move your baby to a toddler bed?

I’m just wondering b/c we are expecting again and don’t want to buy another crib and my son will be about 18 months old when we have the new baby. He is already a big boy at 9.5 months. I think he would be ready to have a toddler bed around then I was looking at and reading the reviews and saw some mom and dads put their baby in a toddler bed around 19 months and their son loved it. Just curious what you have to say. Thank you 🙂
The bed i’m looking at has really good bed rails. It’s super cute and safe. I love it

The Expert answers:

Hi. We have a 19 month old son and a baby due in 7 weeks. We ended up moving him pretty early, he was around 15 months (I think) and loves it. He hates being confined to anything, always has, so he has done very well in it. Our oldest was 18 or 19 months when we moved him.

Joseph asks…

Need a manual for heritage collection 3 in 1 convertible baby crib?

Hi, I bought this crib for my daughter 4 years ago, then I disassemble it after I bought her a twin size bed. Now I need to assamble it for the new baby and I can’t find the manual for the crib. Does anyone which website or phone number I should call. I bought this from k-mart. I am also attaching the picture so you can know what it look like

The Expert answers:

Go back to K-MART and ask them!

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