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Michael asks…

Anyway you can find out who purchase what on babies r us registry?

The Expert answers:

You can only tell WHAT has been purchased. You find out WHO purchased it for you when they give it to you (at your baby shower or some other time)

Joseph asks…

Babies r us registry question?

I registered at babies r us for my son and after your baby is born you get 15 or 20 percent off whats left on your registry how long afte baby is born can you do that

The Expert answers:

Toys R us doesn’t have a time limit for when you get the stuff.

Sandy asks…

Babies R Us gift registry?

I signed up online for a baby registry at babies r us. I noticed half of the items ore supposedly only online…my question is, When people go to BABIES R US will they see only wats in stores according to the registry or will they see my complete list? Also can i or will i have to just go personaly to the store too add items ?

The Expert answers:

Online items will show on your registry but will be marked as Online Only. Also, I found that adding clothing was mostly a waste of time because what they had in the stores was different than online.

I mostly worked on my registry online, but I did add to it by going to the store one day. I recommend doing both if you have the time. Online is convenient and you can add and delete all you want. But going into the store, you are bound to see things you want but didn’t think about.

Edited to add, they usually give you a free gift and coupons if you go into the store and register.

Laura asks…

Which is the best registry, Babies r us, baby depot, or target baby?

I know this is a stupid question but i can not make up my mind which olace to go. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with any of these three places?

The Expert answers:

If your looking for a BIG registry and want only one, I would suggest Babies R Us. If your looking for a medium to small registry, like just the necessities, I would pick Target. They have all the basics there and It’s easier for people to go in and find things, where as Babies R Us and Baby Depot is a whole warehouse of baby goods. (I like Target better anyway ^.^)

Maria asks…

10 percent off Babies R Us registry items?

When I registered at babies R Us they said within two weeks of your due date and two weeks after you can get anything left on your regisrty for ten percent off. I am 39 weeks, so I only have one week left and there are some things I am wanting to order. Was anyone else told this? Or did you recieve a coupon in the mail or something through your e-mail? Thanks

The Expert answers:

When I registered they told me they would send me a letter in the mail on my due date so that you bring with you to the store to get the 10% off.

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