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Paul asks…

Red Ear Slider Care Questions?

Ive been reading on how to take care of these turtles, but mostly im interested in lighting, and if they get along. Will a big ear slider get along with 2 small ones babies? The big one is 4 inches long from the shell. The other 2, 1 is about 2 1/2 inches big. and the smallest one is 1 1/2 inches big. From what i read all they need is UVB light and Basking light correct? And I have a automatic timer for the lights should I set it to turn on at 6 am till 9 pm? When it turns off as long as i have a heater they should be fine ? No night lamp is needed?

The Expert answers:

No lamp is needed during the night unless your house get exceptionally cold then you can use an infrared heat lamp.

In my time with RES turtles some will do fine with smaller turtles and others will torment them. If you plan to house them all in the same tank you will eventually need a giant tank or separate tanks these are not small turtles. My smallest girl is 11″ and my biggest 12.5″ . My smallest male is 6″ and my biggest 9″.

UVB and heat is all they need for lights.

Mandy asks…

Could I still be pregnant? Should care for my self as if I were or continue as if I miscarried completely?

I was told by the on call Dr. that my miscarriage was complete on April 24th & sent me home she didnt say anything about follow up visits only to start my ususal birth control pills the following sunday. But on May 13th my regular Dr. came back from vacation I was told to go back to get my HCG levels checked & make sure they were going lower or completly gone cuz he noticed levels were @ 68 I was just accepting the fact that I lost my first baby & now I dont want to get my hopes up. I have to go back for results on Monday of next week. whch I dont understand because with the on call Dr. I went for blood work on a thursday & got results the next day saying HCG 68 miscarriage complete. Now they wont give me results untill a week after cuz acording to them they results take atleast a week. So how did I get rsults so quick last time keeping in mind results were given by on call Dr. the firts time. I have tickets for magic mountain I love the rides but should I risk geting on? I mean is there even a slight posibility that my HCG levels went back up? can file a complaint. I dont want money I just want them to understand this is emotionally stressful for any mother to be especially a first timer.

The Expert answers:

Unfortunately, it appears that you have miscarried. 68 is a very low number. Depending on how far along you should be I would assume that that number is way too low. If you were 6 weeks pregnant your numbers should be in the 7,000’s.

One explanation for the time delay is that it is possible that your doctor ordered a rush on the first HCG levels. And did not on this last set. At my office they can have the results back the same day if they have them rushed. (they have to put the order in advance) If they do not rush the results then it could take a matter of days.
I would assume that since your doctor has already said the m/c was complete and then did not rush the blood work that you are no longer pregnant. As much as that hurts to write and I am sure read, just know that God has a plan and he works all things for good.

Lizzie asks…

When I was five and my sister was a baby, we lived in an apartment with our mom. It had a closet for her shoes

There were racks of them from the floor extending about 8 feed upward, around the interior of the closet, and there was a skylight above that was large and opaque.

The dream – A witch has captured my mom and I and we’re tied up in the closet. We’re struggling to get free but it isn’t getting anywhere. My sister was crying faintly in the background but it stopped, and we think the witch may have killed her. She’s set up some kind of bomb or oxygen threatening situation and we need to get out soon. We’re crying and screaming but no one can hear us, and my mom tries to calm me down but it isn’t really helping. After awhile I stop screaming and just cry silently, I’m positive that we’re going to die so I just stay how I am. We can hear a timer or something ticking down to our deaths. Suddenly, Superman (?) or some sort of strong, superhero-type guy bursts through and saves us. We’re reunited with my sister, who is fine, and he takes care of the witch. We’re all okay.

The Expert answers:

Maybe one day you will be in an intimidating or hopeless situation and someone will help you out or you’ll meet your hero or Mr.Right.

Lisa asks…

Plz help me!?

I am a young girl. I would like to prove my mom that i am responsible and i can take good care of children so she will let me babysit. There is this baby doll that i have heard of that has a timer to tell you when it needs to be fed. And as always, a baby potties after you feed it, so it has a timer to tell it to potty, and it cries so you have to change its diaper. It is basically a doll that has all normal real, healthy babies have. Alot of times it is used in health class in high school, maybe middle school, that teaches young girls not to try to get pregnant. If I could find one at a decent price i thought it would be a good way to show my my that i can take care of babies and children. Also I thought it would be fun to try to keep up with a baby doll like this.

Please help me find a doll like this. THANKS!!!
all i mean is that it cries…

The Expert answers:

Well if your babysitting the baby wont tell you to feed it or change it or its nap time my suggestion to u is maybe if u have a dog or a pet take care of that you know wash it clean up after it feed it on a regular basis if not pet sit for a neighbor….and show your mom that way so you dont waste your money..

Good luck

Robert asks…

Wife wants kids. I do too…but not right now! What can we do?

Hi all thanks for taking the time to read my question – I know its complex but I hope to get some answers soon! My wife and I kind of disagree on when is the right time to have kids, and its starting to affect our lives negatively and I need some advice. First off, we’re both 24 years old, been together since we were 16, married since the age of 20. Relationship – wise, we have never had many problems as far as fighting/arguments, jealousy and the like. In fact we’ve always had a fun, easy going, trusting, loving relationship. We have a lot of the same dreams, goals, interests, dislikes. The main thing that has brought stress into our life is trying to deal with finances, bills, work, etc. In the fast 6 months or so, however, a lot of people in our lives have been having kids, and my wife has become obsessed with having a baby. I don’t feel the time is right though, and its starting to create a real divide between us. Not like we’re fighting/arguing or talking about divorce or anything, just frustration I think. The thing is – I absolutely love kids! I love all my nieces/nephews and friends’ kids. I love interacting with kids and I know that one day I will be a great dad. In fact, I look forward to having lots of kids and having a big happy family with my wife…just not right now!! My wife says that I will never be ready and that im just afraid of being a dad and taking care of a baby. I disagree entirely. Im not afraid of that stuff, I know I can do that and ill be happy to. Im afraid of two things: To a lesser extent, im afraid of being able to take care of a family financially. Right now im in school still and we get by between my part-timer and my wife’s job, but with not much money to spare. My second fear (the big one) is that we have a baby or two or three, and end up with regrets about our lives. I am especially afraid for my wife because she hasn’t DONE anything. She didn’t go to college, doesn’t have any plans for a career, shoot she has never even been out of California. I want our life together to be defined by things that we do and choices that we make and experiences that we have, not by a baby that we have We’re still young – I know we’ve been together a long time, but it’s not like she’s going to lose her ability to reproduce in her mid twenties. I want us to do things now while its EASY to do them. Example: I have been saving for and planning a trip to Europe for about a year now. At first my wife was excited about it and said she couldn’t wait. Now it seems like she couldn’t care less about my stupid little vacation, and the only thing important in the world is having a baby. My point is – whats the rush? Can we not have our cake and eat it too? Why rush to have a baby now, when we know that this is the perfect time in a person’s life to be doing anything but?! I think we should enjoy living our lives free of that responsibility for a while.

Well thats just about it. What do you think? Am I right to want to wait? Does my wife have a point? Whatever the case, thank you for reading my question and I look forward to reading some responses. Have a good one.
Thanks all so much for your insightful (and very prompt!) responses. I know that some compromise is the right thing, and I guess I should have mentioned that we’ve already discussed this extensively. The Europe trip has been planned for May 2011, and I graduate in Dec 2011. We have talked about this and she knows these dates and she has known this for a year now and we already talked about having a baby after. I have already agreed to this and until recently I have been looking forward to it. But lately, my promises and compromises are no longer good enough for her. She wants a baby NOW.

The Expert answers:

I was 25 when I had our girl…glad to do it younger…have you read all the crying from the older parents that just can’t keep up with their kids? I didn’t want to view her graduation from a wheelchair.

I think mid to late 20’s is a great time for babies…I will be 46 when my girl is 21 and the plan is to take a nice cruise together and enjoy the time we get to spend together…my husband is not a traveler. She’s 10 now and this year it’s the two of us at Disney and then at Sanibel Island…small blessings!

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