Your Questions About Baby Care

Daniel asks…

My baby is almost 7 months what toys should he be playing with?

To help stimulate him so he doesnt get bored and to help him. He only has young baby toys, ratttles,soft book, high chair toys,baby gyms,doughnuts does he need any musical toys or flashing light toys or talking toys?

The Expert answers:

Anything that lights up and makes noises. I find the Fisher Price toys are brilliant. They are educational as well as interactive.
I would also suggest getting some balls – different colours and sizes. When my son started crawling he loved chasing them around the house.

John asks…

How to get the chemical smell out of baby toys?

I just bought my baby a new rattle by Fisher Price. It was inside packaging when I bought it so I didn’t realize until I got it home that it smelled horrible like chemicals. The instructions on it said to wash before use in warm soapy water. Which I did and do with all of her new toys, but it didn’t take the awful smell away, I don’t want her to put it in her mouth that way. How do I get the smell out? I tried soapy water and baking soda. What else should I try?

The Expert answers:

Lemon juice or V8

Sharon asks…

how do i get my yorkie to realize that baby toys are not his toys?

so we’re due in march but i’m already getting a lot of baby toys from ppl. problem is, yorkie over here thinks the toys are his and he yelps, barks and jumps up to get them. he wont’ leave us alone unless we hide the toys.

but even when we find them, he sniffs them out even in the best hiding spot and then barks for us to get them out. it’s fine with us to hide them now but i wanna get them out once baby comes.

The Expert answers:

Good luck! As far as he’s concerned… He IS the baby! Boy, are you going to have your hands full! All you can do, is make sure he has plenty of his own toys, and scold him for getting into baby’s things. Eventually he’ll learn, but you are going to have your hands full when the baby arrives as he’s going to be quite jealous of the new critter swiping all your attention and time that he sees as rightfully his.

Paul asks…

How much money do you spend on baby toys?

Another question for health! It just says Toys – (cost) I need to know how much an average person spends on baby toys ;D Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Thats a trick question. It really depends on what toys you get… My aunt has so many toys for her son that i’d say she has spent well over 400 dollars on just toys. And her son is only a year old

Helen asks…

How can you safely and effectively surface clean baby toys without ruining them?

My son has toys that crinkle, chime, play cute little tunes, rattle, have all sorts of different kinds of textures, etc. that I really do not want to ruin for him. I was thinking of maybe just wiping them off with a washcloth soaked in a solution of baby wash and warm water, then line dry them. Is that the general idea of what they mean by surface wash only with mild soap and damp sponge and lay out to dry? Any better ideas on how to clean these things? Just stick to it? What do I do?? I sure would appreciate some advice!! Thank you!
Please keep in mind that babies put things in their mouths! Harsh cleaning solvents probably aren’t healthy!!

The Expert answers:

I wouldn’t try any of the above! What i have been doing is what you mentioned. I either use Dreft (is that spelled right?) or Tide unscented/undyed. I use very little with warm water and then either hang or lay out to dry. Haven’t had any problems. Hope this helps.

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