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George asks…

Best toys for kids 12 months to 18 months…?

I’m looking for good ideas for my granddaughter — she’s awesome and smart and I need to find some fun things for her (cuz I’m a very LUCKY grandma – young grandma btw) and she’s an angel —- any ideas??? She loves her baby dolls and feeds them and puts them night night —– THANKS (oh and can we keep this a little less expensive than not — we do buy books and stuff already)

The Expert answers:

Well my kids love the new toy that you sit on and it bounces as they push up and down and swirls around too. I got it at wal-mart for around $30, it is a Zebra and it has a handle bar on it with a thing in the middle with balls and it lights up once you roll it. It is sooooo cute. My boys are 16 months old and love it.

They love the new Tigger bouncer, they clap with it as he sings and try to jump too while tigger does. Also at walmart for around $20.

The ball popper is also fun. IT is around $20 at walmart, it has 5 balls in it and the balls pop out of the top of the tube, then spiral down back thru the tube, and it constantly blows the balls out. Fun and interactive toy.

There is this dinosaur toy with balls you put all throughout his body, the toy lights up and plays music when you put the balls through the holes. At walmart for around $35.

Also go through the dollar isle at walmart, you will be surprised at all the inexpensive toys down there, my kids usually play with the cheap toys rather than the high dollar ones.

Joseph asks…

At what age can my baby have a toy or blankie in her crib during the night?

I know the recommended age is 12 months. My baby is 7 months old. She rolls every which way and can crawl. She prefers to sleep on her tummy and has been fine doing it for almost a month now. Can I give her a stuffed toy or blankie to keep her company during the night? I get the feeling she gets lonely being all alone in her crib except for her pacis. Thx.

The Expert answers:

The advice I got from my pediatrician is that now that my 8 month old can roll and move around (she still isn’t crawling) she is allowed to have a small lovey with her at night. The rules she gave me are it needs to be fairly rigid to prevent her from smothering and it cannot have pieces that are separate like bows, eyes that are not sewn, etc. Now that my daughter has this, she is much happier in her crib alone.

Ken asks…

Toys for 12-18 months?

I’ve been getting some great deals on toys for my 8 month daughter at garage sales recently; it occurs to me if I was smart, I would stock up a bit for the future as well. But I don’t know what toys are appropriate/best/most loved by older babies! So I thought maybe someone in the toddler section could help?

The Expert answers:

A push along baby walker for when she starts standing up to encourage her to walk. The ones with blocks in are good as they can play with the blocks too. My son is 2 and he still pushes his and play with the blocks. Shapesorters, a toy drum to bang on, activity tables, soft balls to throw, roll and crawl after. Toy phones (all kids seem to love pretending to talk on the phone). Play tents to hide in. Books. Building blocks to build towers and knock them down (mega blocks are good from when there are about 18 months). Check out the website below for more ideas.

Mandy asks…

What are some great toys for a 12-18 mo old?

I just realized that most of my son’s toys are baby toys and he is no longer interested in them. He is 11 months old and can’t walk yet. His favorites are: a dinosaur that lights up and plays music when you put balls in the holes, his train that also lights up, plays music, and rolls along, and musical instruments (his drum and little piano). What are some good toys? We have a million books, too. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

He’ll be starting to get into imaginative play fairly soon so look forward and plan to buy toys in which he can control the world.
Fisher price have a range called Little People or the Early Learning Centre have Happy Land toys.
He will also be into imitating you soon and wanting to do what you do so a set of plastic pots and pans and some plastic food and spoons etc so he can feed his bears are great.
My son loves his mop, brush and cloth set and runs around “cleaning” everything in sight!!
Shape sorters and hammer games are old favorites as are blocks- and for good reason! I got my son some of the “peg puzzles” for his 1st birthday and he loves those, he’s recently got right into glue and sticking as well as painting and play doh. He’s 16 months.
Have fun x
Some great ideas:

Laura asks…

plastic toys like rattles made in china,are they safe for children aged 0 to 12 months?

what should l look for before buying toys for my 3month old baby

The Expert answers:

You shouldn’t buy any toy that is hard like plastic, it can hurt your child and is not suitable.

Also take note that you musn’t buy toys with little things that your baby could choke on, the suitable toys would be soft toys that might have a rattle or something inside of them that would be fun for your child.

I would also discourage you to buy soft toys with beanies inside of them [the small white balls], your child could chew it and choke on the beanies.

I would suggest a soft teether for you child for when he/she starts teething.

I am not a mother but I certainly know enough about babies and what is suitable for them and what isn’t, I have two brothers and although they’re toddlers now, I learned about what is not suitable for babies.

I hope this helped. =]

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