Your Questions About Baby Care

Richard asks…

Why is the photo center at Babies R Us so much more expensive than other ones?

I went to Babies R US To get my daughter’s invitations made for her 1st birthday, and they told me that their smallest package was $100, not including the invitations(which were an extra $55)! thought that was really high, and I ended up getting her invitations made at a photo makers in the mall for $20! So, there has to be a difference, but what is it? Better quality cameras? Better props and backgrounds? Professional photographers?

The Expert answers:

Wow, that’s expensive!!! Personally I would never spend $55 on invitations…..unless it was for like over 100 guests. I suggest custom made invitations, where you pay a fee and you can print them off either your computer or at a local printing center like wal-mart. I usually pay 20-25 dollars for 35-45 guests, for invitations.


Paul asks…

Can I use multiple Babies R Us coupons at checkout?

I just got a coupon book in the mail from Babies R Us, and I need to buy a car seat, glider, and many other things that I have coupons for. Do you think I can use multiple coupons at checkout? On the coupons, it says they can’t be combined with any other offer, but I don’t know if they mean per transaction or just for that specific item. Help?

The Expert answers:

Yes you can
you cant for example use more than one coupon for one single product
what they mean by “combined with any other offer” is that if they have an offer in the store like buy one get one free you cant use the coupon for that and still get the free one

Nancy asks…

Has anyone tried the Babies R US brand diapers yet?

Now that my daughter (13 months) is a little older, it seems like Pampers doesn’t hold in the poop and Huggies doesn’t hold in the wet. Luvs and some of the other off brands have never worked for us. Has anyone tried the Babies R Us brand yet? If you have, please state your baby’s activity level. My little girls is running and climbing, so diapers work differently on her then a 2 month old who just lays there.

The Expert answers:

Tried them, didn’t care for them but I use Pampers Swaddlers then Cruisers. Kroger brand pull ups are the same as Huggies though, made by Kimberly Clark. Their actual diapers are supposed to be the same, and CVS too.

Donna asks…

What are non-expensive items(under $30) I should add to my Babies R’us Registry?

Considering the economy I want to fit everyone’s budget.I already have on the list : Diapers,wipes,burb cloths,etc.What other cheap items will I need and should add to my babies rus registry?

The Expert answers:

Blankets, sleep sacks, bibs,bath accessories, onesies, health care kit…

There are a ton of stuff. Look at their checklist for help.

Thomas asks…

Have any of you tried the Babies R Us brand of diapers?

They have a great deal on them at Babies R Us right now, and I am thinking about stocking up, but I don’t want to buy a ton of crappy diapers. How do they compare with huggies or pampers?

The Expert answers:

They DON’T compare to Huggies or Pampers. I had a coupon for free Babies R Us brand diapers so of course I got them. They were really rough and scratchy feeling. I didn’t like them at all. The Kroger brand or Target brand is 10x better than the Babies R Us brand.

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