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Helen asks…

Need help with baby cribs…..!!!!!?

Hey everyone,

So im in the process of getting my daughters nursery together (im 25w) and i cant find the crib i want. I seen a 3 in 1 crib that had a changing table and set of drawers attached to it at walmart and kmart. Well guess what… they discontinued them. I have been looking everywhere online and in stores and cant find anymore like them. Does anyone know what kind of crib im talking about and do you know where i might try to find one. Ive looked at sears, target,, ext…..and cant find any like it. Please help me if you can…

Thanks in advance and hope all is doing well

The Expert answers:

Well I can tell you what not to get….a crib from walmart. My sons cribs started falling apart which is very dangerous. It was also on the news so I know it was not just mine. Try looking on JC Pennies and Sears website. I think they have some good strong cribs to choose from.

Nancy asks…

Does the Graco Sarah baby crib meet JPTM and ASTM safety standards?

This crib is sold by Target online only, so I can’t check it in the store to see the “seals of approval”. The JPTM website does not have it on their approved list, but says it is JPTM approved.

The Expert answers:

According to the Babycenter website, it is JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC safety certified. Here’s the link:
I have not heard of JPTM.

Laura asks…

baby registry @ target and babys-r-us?

this is my first time doing a baby registry.

when i create a registry online, then i go to print off the page to take in and give to the customer service desk so i can add more items in-store, does it just condolidate the online items? when i finish the registry, can i go back and add more items both online and in-store?

i can hardly find items online that are available in-store. what gives? i add an item to my registry (i even tried a small item versus a large item like a crib) to add, but it just files it under “Online Items” when i view my registry.

The Expert answers:

Target: Yes, you should be able to make it online, print if off in store (it should have a bar-code on it), and then ask customer service about the scanner-thing to add more. It’ll include all the items on the registry. It the items you sign up for are online AND in the store, it’ll just show up. If the items are only online, it’ll say “online.”

Babies-r-us: Sometimes it’s really difficult to find items that are in the store. That’s just the way it is–and we all deal with it. You can call and ask how to find instore items online, but I’m not sure they can actually help you. Try going to the store itself and scanning things– Or, you can tell someone over the phone what you want them to scan…then delete the item online if it’s the the correct item.

Mandy asks…

How much did you initially spend on your first baby?

I am not asking about the week to week expenses after the baby is born. I am trying to get an estimate from people who have already been through this. How much did you approximately spend initially on the baby before he/she was born? Like for the crib & bedding, changing table, dresser, nursery decor, bassinet, pack’n’play, carseat with base, stroller, highchair, bouncy seat, bath tub, etc, etc. Everything you buy before the baby arrives, even all the little things. I am bottle feeding so also bottles, etc. I don’t want an itemized list of the expenses, more like an overall amount you think you spent, or would have spent if you didn’t have a baby shower. Also, any tips or stores that you’ve come accross online besides the obvious Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, etc.

The Expert answers:

I spent around 6-700 but i didnt buy everything you listed. Not everything is really needed because most of the time you wont even be thinking of using half of it the main things are crib, carseat, diapers, bottles bedding things like that i havent used a changing table for any of my children but that is just me i am estimating that if you buy all things you listed you will probably spend around 2-4000. When you buy the carseat you should buy the carseat, stroller combo because it comes with both and a base for the carseat. You are not going to need a highchair for a while. Some furniture places sell baby furniture too i would try getting it in a combo rather than separately if you plan on getting everything. Oh and there are alot of things on

Steven asks…

Where to find baby girl crib bedding – not pink?

I’m looking for crib bedding that’s not pastel pink – I like the vibrant pink & green combo – and purple. Not a fan of pastels.

Didn’t really see anything on Babies R Us or Target that I liked. Anyone have other suggestions for bedding – online or a store – that isn’t pepto-bismol pink?
I mean the bedding – not the crib. The sheets, etc.

The Expert answers:

I did a Froogle search to find exactly what I wanted in baby bedding. I’m having a boy but I didn’t want blue or big cartoon characters, so I feel ya. I found a WONDERFUL green gingham set on by searching “green crib bedding”…but froogle is actually just a search engine for other online stores, so the bedding was actually from It just keeps you from having to go to all those other sites individually. Good luck!

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