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Steven asks…

I would like to start shopping for baby clothes, but i have a quick question :)?

So im almost half way through my pregnancy!..yay! :)… i think its finally set in, i know there’s still a chance, but the chance of a miscarriage is slim right now and iv heard the heartbeat twice, isn’t that the most amazing sound ever? i think im finally letting myself get excited because i think everything is going to be okay 🙂 so i would like to start shopping for baby clothes, i don’t know what im having yet but that’s okay. what size should i buy? should i go w/ newborn or should i go w/ 0-3 months? thanks in advance 🙂

The Expert answers:

Get some of the newborn and the 0-3 months. However my daughter came home in preemie since everything else looked huge on her. She was 7 lb 12oz so a normal size baby but still fit in preemies for about a month or so.

Maria asks…

What can I get a newborn for Christmas?

My step-daughter is set to have her baby in the next couple of days, so he will only be a couple weeks old on Christmas. Any ideas for Christmas presents? It’s hard to find toys for newborns, and she got lots of clothes in her baby showers.

The Expert answers:

Babies grow so fast!! You can buy so many things though…Maybe look on the internet or also seen in magazines…for one of those poems using the baby’s name. Each letter of their name is the beginning of a hopeful or moving sentence. These are then put to cross stitch..or put in a beautiful frame. Etc etc.
Other ideas:
room decorations
night light
a soothing musical toy
mobile for the crib
babies need a lot of those small burp blankets ( I never had enough!!)
blanet for the crib
one of those musical toys that projects stars, moons, etc on the ceiling in the dark (very soothing to my children)
baby swing
savings bond ( a great start to savings)
gift certificate( lets the mother go buy what she needs for the baby)
baby soaps, lotions, grooming supplies?
DIAPERS!!(buy in larger sizes because mom probably already has newborn size)
A nice book to read to baby
photo album for mom
A baby’s first year book
and of course you can go buy some toys for baby for the months ahead..there are toys though that they say babies can enjoy or discover right from birth..they can feel(by taking textured toy and touching baby with it) and can see some colors mainly red and black.

Donald asks…

How to buy clothes for a newborn?

I’m going to be having a girl and if I’m anything like my mom she’ll be born late and a good 9lbs. There’s always a possibility I supposed that she is not born late/weighs less but….Okay so for 0-3 months I have 12 onsies, 2 little cotton dresses with diaper covers (debating to exchange for bigger size/later use), 7-8 0-3 month pjs, and I have some newborn stuff and after washing the 0-3 months and see the size of the newborn, def think i’ll exchange them and grab some 3-6 month items. Did you bother with newborn sized clothes (if you had a bigger baby). How long will she wear the 0-3 months? Should I take the 0-3 month outfits back? (also already set on hats/socks and items like that mostly wondering about clothes).
Most of the stuff is Carter’s and listed NB 5-8lbs, 0-3 months 8-12lbs

The Expert answers:

Wow, you already got a ton of newborn baby clothes even though you think you’ll be having a big baby! I’m not going to bother buying (or registering for) anything that’s under 3 months…I was 10 pounds at birth and so was my brother, and my husband was 8.5 pounds and he’s a twin…so I think it’s safe to assume we’ll be having a big baby.

The 3+ month onesies and outfits are for 8+ pounds, so if you have a baby that’s over 8 pounds, you won’t be able to use newborn stuff. If I were you, I’d exchange it for 3-6 months items…even if they’re a little big, the baby’ll grow into them…much better than having a bunch of stuff you won’t be able to use.
Good luck!

Linda asks…

Shrinking Baby Clothes?

I am having trouble with my baby clothes that I bought. They have all shrank two inches! I bought Carter’s from Babys”r”us and washed them like it said on warm and dried them on medium heat. They shrank a WHOLE two inches and no longer fit my twin baby girls! I went back to the store to look at a new onesie in order to confirm the shrinkage and it was verified by the employee that it shrank two whole inches! No wonder my newborns didn’t fit thier clothes. The store let me exchange the clothes, but now what do I do? I am scared to wash them on warm for fear that they will shrink AGAIN! Was it the dryer that shrank them?? The washer?? Should I wash them on cold and hang dry them, or wash them on the recommended warm setting and hang dry them?

The Expert answers:

Wash them on GENTLE and hang dry them…I know I know they get hard.,,,,,after they dry throw them in the dry for 5 mins..and they should be fine

John asks…

NEWBORN Suits or Dress clothes?

I’m attending a wedding and I just had a baby. I need to find a boys newborn suit or sweater vest set. I have looked every where but everything is size 3 months or bigger. I would prefer black. Anything but white will do! I need size Newborn! and nothing too expensive.

The Expert answers:

Try macys or jcpenny

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