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Richard asks…

Are there any company’s that give needy family’s free stuff/coupons?

My very bst friend got a big surprise, a BABY, she did not even know until she was 7 mths, no kidding, she didn’t show or anything, her BF has been looking for a job and is on unimployment, the only thing he has found after about a year is a job as a bouncer and that pays very little, she works for a small art company and does side work with art, she recieved unpaid maternity leave and I believe the reason she has not returned yet is because her BF does have some mentle issues and I believe she is concerned he wouldn’t be able to properly care for an infant, she was a very hardworking person before this. Her mom was able to buy her a crib and car seat but thats all, to make matters worse the child has eye problems, the doctor is worried about glocoma and she has to drive 45 minutes to the apointments atleast once a mth wich eats money in gas. I did th best I could to help her, ( once she finally let me know she is so embarrassed to be unale to do better) they had to buy the baby VERY used stuff, stained crib sheets, broken toys, she couldn’t afford oragel or a teething ring. I did the best I could for them and baought them some new toys and crib sheets and some diapers and such but I can only do so much, these are wonderful people that just need help, I told her to call the catholic charities and they informed her thy would help her once in a 12 mth period and only up to $100 on a rent or utility payment, the baby has medicaid but foodstamps has been giving them the run around, I was considering just calling random companys ( baby food clothes diapers toys first aid ect, food companys, any companys and just asking if they had any programs to to maybe send them some actually good coupons ( I have them signed up at al the useual cupon sites), or perhaps if they have a program for needy people to send out some free products. If anyone knows of any companies I should start with or is familar with any chairities that might help them get back on there feet it would really help out a great family and save alot of wasted time of me just random calling. BTW Florida is our area if that matters.
Please, this is serious so no jokes about birth control or the useual sort of stuff that gets tossed at these very serious question.
thank you all for your redponses so far, You definatly gave me some plces to start ad I have never heard of 211 thing and it looks promising. I have actualy had more luck at walmart than goodwill, they have awsome clearance and I got the baby about 20-30 outfits and onesies for between $1-$3, I got them a crib set bumbers and all clearanced for $20.
They would be emabrrassed to death if I put up donation jars, although I though about leaving there name out and putting a donation paypal button on my myspace. WIC is helping them but for some reason they made them choose between formula and food ( I don’t get this I have friends that get both) and since they only go through a can of formula a mth they chose food.

Thank you for all your suggestions I hope they keep coming.

The Expert answers:

Try its what I use they’re new but cool and update daily

btw a lot of the other answers have viruses, I’ll try to delete the ones I know have them

please best answer me 🙂

Sharon asks…

Want to bring up wanting a second baby to my husband?

I’ve brought it up a few times but his response is always “not now” or that he wants to make sure we are living comfortably first. We are going on a vacation in April and I was thinking about ways to make life better/easier so that he might be more inclined to saying yes. I’m going to reorganize the house and try to make everything more efficient, make home-cooked meals more often, redo my budget and save most of my money up etc. Our son is smart and getting more self sufficient, he is starting to walk and already half potty-trained. Also, because of my parenting methods and choices and what we still have from our first baby having a second for the first year would barely cost more then $1,000– the same amount you get per child in a tax refund. I’m also going to start doing things such as clipping coupons and looking harder for sales on the things we need. The two main problems I can see are that we would like to move, if not to another state then at least to a bigger house… but I have no idea how to speed that process up and it is incredibly important to me to have kids close together, and my wanting a car, but I am perfectly fine with a cheap used car so that may well be taken care of once we get our tax refunds. Does this all sound logical and convincing? Is there anything else I should mention, or anything I shouldn’t? Thanks in advance!
Our house is big enough, we would just -prefer- to move. To me, it is much more important to have my children close in age… if we start trying when I want to, that will be about 2 1/2 year age difference, IF I get pregnant right away. What if it takes a few years? Once kids are 4-5 years apart, they don’t have as many shared interests… What can a 5 year old play with a ten year old? A ten year old with a 15 year old? Not until they are adults will they be close enough in age to really want to do the same things… I don’t want that for my children. My husband was an only child, but I was one of four, with four years between me and my oldest, and three between the others, we could tell a difference even with just that one year.
For the cost: I will breastfeed exclusively and do diaper free baby, with a few cloth diapers as a ‘just in case’ most of which I have leftover from my son, and I make home made baby food instead of buying it. I already have blankets, clothes (which can be swaped at consignment if its a girl) carseats, stroller, bed, swing, bottles, toys, mobile, crib toys, car seat toys etc… Besides all of that we are already doing well financially, and my husband gets 4-5 decent raises a year, and insurance covers nearly everything. I am already a stay at home mom is no lost income, and I know the child will cost more as s/he gets older but as long as I stay on top of money-saving tactics I really do not think we will have a problem.
I know it is not important to some people, but it is to me. I want my son to have someone close to him, and I plan on homeschooling and I would much prefer his sibling be a toddler then a newborn when he first reaches the age to start school, it will be easier on me.

The Expert answers:

Sit him down and tell him how strongly you feel about having the kids close together. Explain to him all the step you want to take to save money for the new baby. Maybe set a financial savings goal with him regarding how much money your family needs to have saved up. Are you going to be staying home and taking care of both kids? Child care for two young kids is expensive but you also need to consider how much money you loose by not working, which may include extra health benefits from work too.

Include him in your planning. Don’t do all this stuff and then tell him about it a few months later! It is better that you discuss this and plan this together.

Michael asks…

im going to have ANOTHER BABY at 16?

I’m still in high school and I go to trade school for Medical Assistant. My baby goes to my high school’s day care. I voluntarily took parenting classes at my school. Well, today in school since I am having sex, my parenting teacher gave me a coupon for one free year of birth control. At planned parenthood I usually have to pay the “sliding scale” fee of $20, but that money needs to go to my baby. I do not drive, so I asked my mom to take me to use this coupon and get 12 free packs of Birth control.. and she said no just don’t have sex… WELL I AM HAVING SEX and I do Not want to get pregnant again, so I need to get the pills…. Ideas?

The Expert answers:

Have a friend drive you

Laura asks…

How do I find out about offers for parents expecting multiple births?

I have heard of families that are having multiples getting free gifts from companies such as diapers, baby food and coupons. I am having twins and I would like to find some information on this topic. Is there a web site that provides a list of companies? I am currently working full-time and make $45k/year but after the babies are born, I will stay home because I will have three children under the age of two and daycare will cost me about $1500/month since I do not have any family that is able to help care for my babies. Thanks for helping.
I am married and my husband has a good job, but when our income will be reduced by $45k it will be tough. I am sure most people would have a tough time adjusting to their annual income being reduced by $45k. It is possible for us to make ends meet with mu husband’s salary but anything would help.

The Expert answers:

Many companies and stores offer coupons or discounts for multiple births…i know babies r us gives a 10% discount on things you buy more than 1 of…check out their website for details…

for other offers go here

some of them are for triplets or more, but there are plenty of companies willing to help out with twins…good luck.

Susan asks…

My Grandpa keeps sending me oil change coupons?

My grandpa, a retired furniture salesman, sends me oil change coupons in a birthday card, sometimes as often as four times a week. I appreciate he cares about my birthday, but I keep my car maintained religiously (its an 2003 Grand Am and its my baby) and I’m not offended but I don’t want to offend him by sending them back or sending him my religiously maintained maintenance records, and hes on a limited income so im worried about all the stamps hes using! How do I resolve this without angering him, he’s a real character sometimes with a fiery temper.
Also my birthday isn’t until June.

The Expert answers:

The next time you send him a card.. Which should be often because of his advanced years..include a nice box of stationary with stamps included. Just tell him you bought it for him because the pictures on it ( or whatever ) made you think of him and you thought he might like it.

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