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Linda asks…

Movie with doctors killing people and other doctors have to guess?

The Expert answers:


Joseph asks…

How do I get her to stop gloating and bragging?

The Expert answers:

Does she know she stole him or are you just going to make a big deal about it because your just assuming she knew?

Id confront her about it if she knew you liked hm.

A friendship shouldnt come between a guy, but then again good friends wouldnt do that kind of stuff

John asks…

what age groups wear aeropostale and abercrombie and fitch?

The Expert answers:

Usually 8th grade to high school

James asks…

What would cause vehicle to pull to either side when accelerating & braking with burning smell and smoke ?

The Expert answers:

Have your brakes checked. Possible stuck caliper

Susan asks…

If Jesus died for my sins and forgets them forever, then why do I need to repent again?

The Expert answers:

Repentance is a one time event. It could be defined as “a change of mind that results in a change of behavior.” In other words, you decided to leave your life of sin without God, and turn control completely over to him in faith. You believed, so the Spirit of God began to dwell in your heart.

Everyone sins, but there is a difference between the saved and the lost. Sin in the life bothers the saved person, and he continually strives, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to become perfect. It is a goal–not a state that must be achieved in order to be saved.

The unsaved live a life of sin because that is all they know. Even if they are good people and do good things, they have committed the ultimate sin which is ignoring God, and rejecting the way of salvation.

Saved people can never lose their salvation and never go to hell no matter what they do.

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