Your Questions About Baby Care

Sandra asks…

Are there any ways besides freecycle and craigslist to get free baby/parenting stuff *locally*?

Like furniture, books, toys, and other local freebies for young mom.
1) That was a separate post and not for you to address here.
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3) I reported you.
Thanks, everyone!

The Expert answers:

Kijiji? That gets used way more often than Craigslist or Freecycle combined in my area. I`ve come across some great finds. Some stuff is listed as free, other stuff dirt cheap. I honestly tend not to pay much attention to the free stuff available in my area on that site, I`d rather leave If for someone who really needs it.

If there’s not much listed, you could out up a free ad stating that you’re looking for some assistance with baby stuff and if anyone has anything they’d like to be rid of for free or at a low cost, to contact you.

You can also try Salvation Army, and your local Planned Parenthood chapter might have some leads for you.

Mary asks…

What are some good freebies sites for babys?

I am 4 months pregnat and i been looking for freebies and stuff for the baby like anything really and i was wondering what sites are the best?

The Expert answers:


I hope this helps!!! *

Chris asks…

where can I get freebies for baby items?

Stuff like free diapers, or formula or anything that has to do with a baby

The Expert answers:, – They send free diapers and wipes, Aveeno sends free lotion samples, Type in and they send diaper bag, can of formula etc.. Anything with a name brand like Johnson and Johnson has a web site, Sign up and wait for your goodies!!!

Richard asks…

Times are hard.. But where can I find great deals on baby stuff?

Im 24 weeks pregnant.. I’ve got a good start to things, but where do I find the great deals.. Freebies, samples, coupons, great brands for low prices etc… On everything, from diapers, formula and bottles to swings, strollers, carseats and beyond.. Please help.. I’ve got my sweet baby boy on the way, and I want to be a thrifty as possible because, times are tough… Thanks everyone

The Expert answers:

Definitely check Craigslist for your area – also Rummage sales start up soon – you can get lots of clothes, bottles, swings etc from a rummage.

When it comes to items like formula & diapers, go with off brands such as Target’s Up & Up brand, diapers and formula are inexpensive and very good quality.

Carol asks…

Where can i apply for freebies and sweepstakes for my unborn baby?

I’m 12wks 5days pregnant,with my first baby! A lot of websites I looked at I have to fill out surveys! I don’t want surveys, just to put my e-mail and get free stuff sent to my home!

Examp: diapers,books,wipes,food,formula,etc!

What sites are available?

The Expert answers:

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