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Daniel asks…

anyone know where to find discounted name brand baby furniture? or wrought iron cribs for cheap?

looking for changing table armoire and a wrought iron crib. love the expensive looks they have out now.. but not the prices. anyone know a website or any stores to go to?? THANKS

The Expert answers:

Have you tried Ebay or There is always lots of baby stuff there. If you don’t like Ebay though, try,, or

Hope this helps!

Betty asks…

With your first baby, did you buy expensive, moderate, or cheap cribs/strollers/carseats/etc?

Is it worth it to spend more to have top of the line baby things?

What’s worth splurging on and what are the cheaper things we can get away with buying?

If you bought bottom-of-the-line, did you feel guilty/cheap?

Is having a Maclaren or Orbit stroller the equivalent of carrying a Prada or Gucci bag? (Sorry – couldn’t think of a better analogy). Or do you feel like other mothers don’t pay attention to how nice your baby accessories are?

The Expert answers:

I bought VERY expensive things. If I could go back in time and change them for more moderately priced items, I would.

I personally don’t think you need to spend big on-
-A stroller
-Change table
-Baby bath
-Diaper bag

I think that the one thing you REALLY need to spend big on is the car seat. I have a cheap one and an expensive one because we have 2 family cars. We don’t use the car with the cheap car seat any more because it is the most unsafe piece of crap car seat I have ever seen in my life! Our expensive car seat is fantastic though. And when it comes to the babies safety, I think it’s worth spending extra.

Also, cribs are so differing in price – we have a very expensive crib as well ($800+ AU), but it turns in to a single bed when baby outgrows it – you could get away with a cheap crib though if you only want to use it for when they are a baby. Target has pretty cute, inexpensive cribs.

As for your other question, I have a fairly expensive Valco stroller/pram, and I see a lot of other women who also have the Valco brand pram – however, when I see people with the MUCH cheaper Mother’s Choice pram, I don’t look down on them, I actually think their very smart – because their pram is EXACTLY the same as mine except about $400 AU cheaper!

I don’t think mother’s pay much attention to others baby accessories, – we are to busy feeding, changing and tending to our own screaming kids to be bothered by small things like that!

Good Luck!

Mary asks…

Where do I find cheap baby clothes?

Hello everyone! I’m an eighteen year old who is six months pregnant and living on fun minimum wage paychecks and did I mention have no help from anyone, just me. And I’ve noticed that everything is expensive, does anyone know where I can find cheap baby things? I’ve already hit up every second hand store including good will and the salvation army. They have clothes but no cribs or strollers. At this point any imput would be nice! 🙂 Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Salvation army/goodwill doesn’t like to carry cribs and playpens because they don’t want to train the staff in how to figure out if the product is safe or not because their goal is to train staff and have them move on so they can help more people get experience that they need to get a job, or they employ people with disabilities.

Second hand shops should have cribs, playyards, etc but they aren’t necessarily cheap.

Your best bet is freecycle:
Craigslist is the second best:

Also check out and yahoo groups (I can’t even list the url without the http as yahoo answers blocked it) com for parenting groups near you. Try to find someone with a baby 6-12 months older than yours will be that will hand things down to you.

Make sure you get the safety checklist for cribs and carseats from your government (it varies by country). Buy a NEW crib mattress -you shouldn’t even use a crib mattress between siblings as it can increase the SIDS risks and they aren’t sure why the theories are the break down in fire-retardant and mold/mites in the mattress. Only accept a second hand car seat from someone that loves your kids as much as you do (close friends and family) you don’t need an infant seat you can use a convertible seat from birth (if that’s what you are offered, but generally people have infant seats to give as they are used for such a short time). Call the manufacturer to make sure the seat isn’t recalled or expired. -Remember most recalls are not to destroy the products its normally a small fix, and even if it is a destroy they replace it even if you got it for free.

Also check recalls:

David asks…

what is a good website to order cheap baby items from?

i need a website that has cheap aby items from clothes to cribs and toys everything for baby…….thank you

The Expert answers:

I love ebay i have found many items there
i have also shopped
i always compare items before buying

Maria asks…

Where can I find really cheap baby supplies?

I’m pregnant with my 3rd child, which came as a surprise, as I had already thrown away all of our baby things. I need everything: car seat, high chair, bassinet, changing table, clothes, receiving blankets.. everything but the crib, which is the one thing I did keep. Where can I find all these things the cheapest? I don’t have a lot of money to just go out and buy it all over again from a dept store. Thanks.

The Expert answers:

Well it is garage sale season. That would be a good place to start. You can also check out children’s consignment stores in your area. Car seats should be purchased new, never used. But they can be found for a good price, just watch for a sale.

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