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William asks…

when u sign up for free baby samples for baby websites how long it takes to get the free baby stuff?

The Expert answers:

It depends on the company, etc. Some of them (such as the formula companies) won’t send you your stuff until close to your due date, because their items have an expiration date. For free stuff in general, however, it usually takes about 6-8 weeks minimum for processing, etc. But the coupons and such (especially for diapers!) will thankfully continue until well after your baby is born.


George asks…

Do anyone know of any websites where you can get free stuff ..samples ect?

Im looking for a site that offer you free samples, coupons, baby stuff, anything free, that doesnt require you to buy anything, that doesnt require you to take surveys…. Just pure free stuff, it doesnt matter what it is.

Thank You xoxo

The Expert answers:

Craig’s List is always a good resource, though be careful and be safe when going to pick things up. The website does have a “Free Stuff” section.

Here is a link:

Chris asks…

Does anyone know of websites to get free samples and stuff?

Does anyone know of any websites to get free samples of baby stuff? Those are always really helpful!

The Expert answers:

All of the free samples are completely legit and actually come in the mail. No surveys, no spam. Theres tons of legitimate companies giving away free samples, they dont last long though so visiting a site like that is great because its updated daily and you hear about the free samples first, before they run out! 🙂

Susan asks…

Does anyone know a FREE site in Canada where I can get FREE samples for stuff for baby and toddlers?

Any samples that are free are great!

The Expert answers:


Todays parent (magazine)

Or Proctors & Gamble promotions page

Mark asks…

Free Sample Baby Stuff?

Where can I go for free baby sample stuff? Shampoos, soap, diapers, wipes, etc 10 points most informative

The Expert answers:

Well the best thing you can do is go online and google it. Sign up for anything you can find that might give out free samples it takes time but you do get rewarded for your effort. The last time i was pregnant i did that i got alot of formula and diaper samples. Also a good sight to go to is if you sign up they send you free checks for formula every now and then, they also send you a free baby album, and they send you something every month telling what stage your baby is at and how he or she is growing among other stuff.

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