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Carol asks…

37 weeks pregnant: Last items on the baby shopping list?

My husband and I are having our first baby! I’m not sure if we have all the necessary items off of the baby list.

Am I missing anything important?
What do you suggest?
Are we ready to go?

Here is the list of items I have:

– Crib
– Crib bedding set (sheet/blanket/bumper/mobile)
– Stroller
– Infant car seat
– Infant Bath tub
Baby Carrier
– Portable changing pad
– Swing & Bouncer
– Playmat

– Bottle Sanitizer (gift from aunt)
– Starter bottles
– Bottle cleaner & Drying rack
– Emergency formula (Breastfeeding but told good to have)
– Gas relief drops
Newborn diapers & wipes
– Clothing, bibs, booties, hats, onesies etc
Baby oil/shampoo/butt paste/body wash/lotion
– Teethers & rattlers
– Binkys & Sucky toys
Baby care set
– Laundry detergent
– Boppy pillow

– Birth plan for my husband and I
– Diaper bags – fully loaded

So back to my question:

Am I missing anything very important?
What do you suggest?

We ready to go? (I’m so excited!)

The Expert answers:

Items you’ll need (or at least be most usefull) in the short term that are still missing:
– thermometer for the bath
– thermobag to keep the milk bottles warm during the night (in case you cannot breastfeed)
– Electric water kettle (most usefull)
– sterilizer (must have)
– vaporizer aka aerosol machine (can be most usefull or even essential depending on the baby or the weather)
– breast pump (even if breastfeeding)
– nose cleaner for babies (essential to prevent diseases)

and of course… Lots and lots of love (the most fundamental)

Susan asks…

Baby list what am i missing?

Ok i have a list of baby items i need and im tryiing to see if there is anything i may be missing that i really need I already have a bassinet and baby bouncy seat. I am not due until feb so im trying to give myself a list of things to go off of so i can have it all got by the time baby gets here

furniture set
(included crib, changing table, and dresser)
Travel system
(car seat, and stroller)
Baby bedding
Pack n Play
Burb clothes
(cloth diapers)
Baby breastfeeding pillow
Recieving blankets
(newborn and size 1)
Baby shampoos and lotions
Baby bath
Baby towels and wash cloths
Blankets for winter
sorry forgot to add Ive already bought nice warm baby sleepers and a diaper bag and a blanky to keep baby covered while out with me while its still cool. also anyone who lives in the arkansas river valley region have any ideas Im due feb 25th and thats the akward time here where it could be snowing or 75 degrees out. What should i do clothes wise and size wise should i do 0-3 months pants or shorts or should i even worry about getting a warm jumper for baby This is 3rd baby but its been 4 yrs since the last and im all nervous feels like brand new thank you to all the answers already. Oh and skye dont think i could forget baby that one just gets here when it wants not when i want lol

The Expert answers:

I would scratch the change table, the dresser can be a change table, it will just take up room.
I highly recommend getting a diaper bag. You’ll be surprised how much you have to lug with you when you go anywhere with your baby (maybe some travel size wipes for the bag as well but you can just put some in a ziplock bag) I see you have bottles AND a breastfeeding pillow are you doing both? Then you’ll need a pump and nipples as well. Blankets are not advised to be used for sleeping until they are much older. And i can honestly tell you that babies are really good at covering their faces with them. Grab some safe sleep sacs. They are like a sleeping bag for babies, but there is no chance of anything covering their face while they sleep. Otherwise yes blankets are great just to wrap them in while they’re with you. I also recommend some swaddling wraps.
Something that i cant live without is my digital baby monitor. I can see my baby all the time anytime.
There is really very little that the baby “needs” and anything you forgot you can easily grab (or get someone to get for you)

Steven asks…

List of things I need for the baby?

I just dont want to be missing anything. I am 30 weeks with a little boy, my first child. Also, how many onesies and newborn clothes do I need, considering how fast they grow?

The Expert answers:

Make sure you have a health AND grooming “kit”. The health ones come with thermometers, aspirators (booger suckers), infant tylonel, etc. The grooming ones come with hair brushes, nail clippers and stuff like that. You WILL need these things and for some reason I wasn’t even thinking about that stuff and had to make an extra trip just for those items.

As for clothes, it’s a good idea to have at least a week’s worth of onesies and sleepers in the newborn size…you’re right, they do typically grow out of these clothes rather quickly, but you might have a baby like mine. She was in newborn clothes for 2 whole months. She’s 6 months now and still wearing 3 month.

Linda asks…

Hi ladies! I need help with a list of baby items! What all do I need for a newborn and how much of each item?

Here’s what I have so far.

Numerous onesies~~both short sleeved and long sleeved since baby will be born during an unpredictable ND April!
Sleepers (newborn through 3 months)
Comfy pants and hoodies for outings
Other clothing such as pants, jeans, bibs, hats, etc
22-25 pairs of baby socks
7 or so hooded towels
20 baby washcloths
16 receiving blankets
2 light fleece blankets
Crib, mattress and crib bedding, though only one sheet right now. How many do I need?
Bassinet for travel
Pack and play
High chair
Playtex nursers (I used those with both of my kids and love those! I need to buy the liners and drop ins though).
I have one large box of newborn diapers, 2 mega packs of size 1 diapers, 4 tubs of wipes and one 5-pack of wipes refills.
I do plan to breast-feed for as long as I can and I have a nursing cover and breast pump too.

All I can think that I need to buy still is the bath-tub, baby meds, baby grooming kit with shampoo & body wash. Is there anything you can think of that I’m missing or that would come in useful even if not totally necessary? I’m drawing a blank here!

Like I said I already have 2 kids but haven’t bought any baby stuff in 7 years so I have forgotten a lot! I’m 27 weeks today with #3 and just making sure that I’m not leaving anything until the last minute!

Thanks for your help ladies!
Please only answer if you have kids and experience!
Oh yeah! I do have 2 travel systems too!
I’ve gotten a lot of things in multipacks so I can’t really help how many I have~~plus babies go through items quickly if I remember right.
Anyway, I have no plans to use pacifiers as they really didn’t work for my other kids at all.
Cpt. M~I should really clear this up. Some of the items wear given to me, so I have no control over how many I’m given. I’m sure I won’t use all of my wash-cloths either so I might pass some of them on to others I know. The socks were bought in a lot of 22 new on ebay for an incredible deal~the same with the receiving blankets, and cost less than one pack at the stores so I couldn’t pass them up!

The Expert answers:

I’m not a lady but I’ve just had a baby girl!

I found this baby list very useful:

Good luck!

Mark asks…

Shopping list before baby comes?

What kind of things should we shop for before the baby comes? Not the stuff you need for the baby such as clothes and diapers, but what kind of things around the house do you want to be sure and have after having a baby so you don’t have to run out and get anything with a newborn?

The Expert answers:

Pre cook some dinners and freeze them ( this helps A LOT )
Just make sure u are stocked up on the things u use all the time
bread , milk , butter , CHOCOLATE ( this one is needed around day5 ) , DVDs , toilet paper , washing powder and detergent,
Walk thru ur house and write down anything that u are low on .

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