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Donna asks…

What toys and activities are good for a 6 month old baby?

My little princess is just about to turn 6 months old. She can now sit by herself and I was wondering if any one can recommend some good toys and or activities to do with her. I sometimes feel like i am always doing the same thing,
Thanks for the help.

The Expert answers:

Any colorful toys with different textures. Playmats, excersaucers, pretty much anything that is baby safe. My boys used to like playing with soup ladles and tupperware containers, they still do at 14 months.

David asks…

my baby is 6 months old and is not yet reaching her milestones?

my baby is 6 months old and is not yet reaching her milestones, she still does not do things that i see 6 month olds doing, such as holding toys, sitting up ect…. should i be concerned? has anyone been through the same situation…

The Expert answers:

There is a wide range when babies meet milestones. For instance, babies usually sit w/o assistance between 6-10mths. The can walk as early as 8mths or as late as 15mths and still be within the normal range for meeting milestones. Throughout the US there is a program called Early Steps. They will come out to your house and do an evaluation free of charge. They just came to my house yesterday because my 8mth had issues that the pedi wanted to check out. She didnt roll until 7 1/2mths, she just started sitting for a few mins unassisted, she tends to lean her head to one side sometimes, and she doesnt crawl. She is within the normal range.

Lizzie asks…

what are appropriate toys for a 6 month old baby when he is now crawling and puts his toys in his mouth?

i already bought him teethers. he also puts his rattles on his mouth, maybe because he is teething he have two teeth on the bottom. he tries to eat his chair, the matress on his crib. he also an activity center from fisher price. he also likes to watch DVD of barney and nursery rhymes. he is a fast crawler, he suddenly rolls over and his head bumped on the floor, maybe i need to have a mattress on the floor? thank you for your answers

The Expert answers:

No need for a mattress on the floor – he’ll just move off of it. Better to keep him on carpeted areas if you can and put either rubber bumpers around any low lying sharp areas or put pillows around the sharp areas.
You can get soft blocks – from cloth – they have rattles in them and some have squeakers. There are also some soft alphabet blocks out there. Do you have a child mirror? My kid loved to look at himself when he was still in the crawling stage – there are some crib mirrors that are mini activity centers – you can keep them in the crib or take them out.

Paul asks…

Christmas presents for a 6 month old baby boy?

Hiya all,
I know it is a little early to be thinking about christmas but my son will be 6 months by then and i am just wondering what are the best presents to buy a 6 month old baby?
I have seen lots of toys etc. which say suitable from 6 months but i am unsure of which ones to buy or not to buy.
Has anyone got any experience on what kind of toys a 6 month of baby boy likes?
Thanks all!

The Expert answers:

My daughter will also be 6 months old by christmas and i too have started to think about it and buy!!
I have brought her a few push along toys, clothes from 6-9 and 9-12 ready. Im thinking of getting her some bath toys, i have also asked family for a nursery rhyme cd and a sit/stand at toy. I have brought some toys from 9 months so she (i) can open at christmas but save until later. Every one says all she will want is the wrapping paper and i know this is true but i want to spoil her so have started buying early. Think i will start in Jan sales next Year, lol.

Mark asks…

What sort of toys would a 6 month old baby like playing with?

The Expert answers:

Something with lights or something that soft and chewy because baby’s love to bite on things and mabeyy something sparkly! =D lolz

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