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Michael asks…

Did everyone tell you not to buy a lot of newborn sized clothes?

Everyone told me that, and I listened. My daughter is still in newborn sized clothes at 5 weeks and the 0-3 month ones are still swallowing her! lol. I wish I would have bought more newborn clothes because all of her cutest clothes are 0-3 months!:)

How long was your baby in newborn sized clothes?

The Expert answers:

Hey. Everyone told me the same but I didn’t listen. He was in his newborn clothes until about 5 weeks old. Probably could have lasted longer if he wasn’t so long. Hehe

Charles asks…

How long did your baby stay in Newborn clothes?

How long did your baby stay in Newborn clothing and what was their weight and height? My first born was 9 lbs and 20 1/2 in and wore newborn clothing for 8 weeks. Im due again soon and i think i have WAY to many newborn Size Clothing.. So I was just curious to how long other people’s babies stayed in that size. Thanks for the help!
No i am correct my daughter wore newborn size for 8 weeks.not 0-3. She weighed 9 lbs but that was just her weight she was actually a relatively small baby. Bigger than a 5lber ofcourse but still thats what she was wearing. I have clothing up to 9 months so im not worried i was just curious to see what other babies were wearing.

The Expert answers:

My son is 3 weeks old (8lbs 5oz at birth) and is still in newborn clothing. My daughter who was 7lbs 3oz at birth was in 0-3 by about 9 weeks.

Sandy asks…

How long to babies wear newborn size clothing?

My daughter is due tomorrow, and one of my best friends bought the cutest little Halloween costume for her. However, it’s newborn size. Will she probably still fit into it by Halloween?

The Expert answers:

Probably will be okay. My daughter weighed 8.5 when she was born and wore newborn sizes up until about 6 weeks, then she shot right through 0-3 months! But, I did find that Gerber sizes ran a little small so I made sure she wore those first. I bet it will still fit her.
Congrats on the baby! Tomorrow (if you have her) will be the best day of your life!

Thomas asks…

What size clothes should i buy my baby for hospital?

My sister for all 3 kids and my brother for his both got size ‘tiny baby‘ as first size and newborn were too big!!!!!
Midwife told me he is a little on the small size (still healthy) just a small baby! My Mum definately thinks from all the babies in my family and my fiances family that newborn size will be too big for him and i do need tiny baby. Also, i was a very small baby and so was my fiance. What do you think?

Thanks 🙂 x

The Expert answers:

My son was 9lb 3oz born, a big baby, and newborn was too big on him when he was first born. I had some newborn baby-gros from Asda and they were too long and too baggy, my mum brought him a first size baby-gro in with her and it fit perfectly. Most of the supermarket brand clothes are a little bit on the big side anyway.

I would take a couple of first size and a couple of a tiny baby and that way at least one of the two will fit, you can get “three in a pack” sleepsuits in each size for around £3-£4 and that’s all you really need in the hospital. People usually buy clothes as gifts once the baby is born so you’ll end up with loads of things in loads of different sizes. All of the clothes I had at home when my little boy was born were a mix of newborn and 0-3.

Maria asks…

Where can I find cute baby clothes for my daughter?

She’s just grown into newborn baby size and she’s only two months, she was early and only fitted into premature baby clothes. I don’t have a lot of money as I am a student. I have maybe £90 at the most and with that I also need to buy some new bedding for her and some blankets and sun cream for her. Any ideas where I can look in the UK?

The Expert answers:

Primark. With the bedding bought you will still have enough to but her some new clothes. Its really cheap but nice too.

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