Your Questions About Baby Care

Daniel asks…

can anyone tell me a good place to get free printable baby shower games?

This baby shower kind of fell into my lap, I was supposed to have help but the other person is neglecting to return my calls or give me input. So with working and cleaning I’m not finding much help online for games and this party is saturday. Please help.

The Expert answers: has a lot of great things and they have ideas for baby showers for free on there good luck have fun planing. Also if you cant find some there is the toilet paper game where people guess how many sheets it will take to wrap around the pregnant woman closest guesser usually gets a prize. Here is another really awesome site

Sharon asks…

is there any free newborn baby games?

where u can feed them evey 3 or for hours and change there nappy and clothes and everything else

The Expert answers:


Http:// [Kindergarten]

Good luck!

Michael asks…

dose anyone know good baby sitting games online for free so i can play for fun?

The Expert answers:

Go to then click on Fun&Games
then you`ll see a thing that says more games with arrows.Keep on clicking on it until you see let`s take care of the baby on the second box and if you don`t like that game then go to,free online heavy and they got alot of games that you will love i hope you find it.

Ken asks…

What’s a virtual baby game that’s free and online?

I want to be able to sign in and it has to be free and I can’t download anything. I want it to also remember the baby that I have if u know what I mean. i’m still too young to have a baby and I’ve been having a craving to be a parent of one recently so yeah. thanks for any help given.

The Expert answers:

Well theres kindergarten but its a free trial. Ive had a craving for being a parent to so i always look for them but srry i dontt have any.

Susan asks…

Are There Any Virtual Baby Games To Play Online Thats Free?

i Love Taking Care For Online Babys. Just Anything Virtual. Please Make it A Good Working Website. Thanks.

The Expert answers:


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